Creating The Life

Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I got so much done, like cleaning up the used car seat for my step-granddaughter, vacuuming the kitchen floor from all the stuff that tracked in from yard work the day before, running errands, talked to one of my good musician friends on the phone for awhile, and good thing, I almost went to the wrong venue tonight to see her and her husband.

My friend who does the sound healing with me came over in the afternoon so we could practice. It’s really me who needs the practice, although she is taking over the crystal bowls too, instead of just the Tibetan ones, so she needed to figure out which mallet to use, where to place them all. We decided on some re-arranging of the instruments.

I am the one who is slightly nervous because I’m doing all the other instruments alone for the first time. I am worried about the sound being loud enough to carry outdoors, about the crowd getting the same benefit from one gong that they got from 2 gongs. But I think we’ve got it mostly figured out. Now I just need to continue to practice playing the ocean drum in concert with the small gong mallets called flumies, that create the wonderful sounds like whales, etc. My friend is so positive, she keeps telling me it’s going to be awesome, and that less will be more in this case. I think I’m beginning to believe her.

After I took her home (she is legally blind, and so doesn’t drive) I came back and made some really good Chicken Tortilla Soup. I’ve made it before, but I think this time was the best I’ve ever done. I have a bunch of it now, enough for dinner for a couple more nights, and maybe enough to give some away. I haven’t had any interest in cooking really, since I got back from the cruise, due to being sick, breaking up with Dan, having a ton of company. Anyway, it was great to feel like making something good for myself.

I sat down on the couch just in time to see the Senate vote to destroy our democracy. The Republicans are just a shameful, gutless bunch of Trumpian robots. Two had character. The rest need to be voted out. The truth was never a question for those 51 senators, only that they keep the pretend monarch happy. It makes me sick.

Today I might go to a seafood festival a few miles from here on St. Pete Beach if it stops raining. And tonight I plan to go to listen to my friends play for a bit. Three different performers are at 3 different venues tonight, so I have my choice, again, if it stops raining. They are all outdoor venues, and it’s chilly to boot, so I guess I’ll have to decide later. Tomorrow my writers’ group comes here, and that’s always so much fun.

And the Super Bowl…I am not a big football fan, though I am glad to see a couple different teams get to the Super Bowl. I’ll probably watch Jlo and Shakira. If I watch the game will depend on if it’s a blow-out or not.

So onward. Our lives are what we make of them. I love the life I have, and I love living all alone. I’m actually surprised how much I like it. There is a meme I shared on FB that says “A woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid to eat alone.” I think that is where I’m at right now. And please remember, it’s never too late to begin creating the life of your dreams.

Love and light to everyone.

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