A Family Visit

My son, his girlfriend and her daughter are here visiting. They got in yesterday afternoon. It’s so wonderful to have them here! I’m really excited to have them and spend some time really getting to know the gf and her daughter. We were together last summer, but the visit was short, and I didn’t stay with them. Her daughter calls me Gramma Deb. And she told me I was the BEST gramma, lol. She’s 7. I showed her how to tap the gong, and make the bowls sing, let her bang the drum, and make the thunder drum thunder, and she spent a lot of time playing them! Maybe a girl after my own heart. I really love this little girl!

I took them to open mic for some very casual good seafood. It was really good and fun. A bunch of my tribe was there and got to meet them. Ellena, the 7-year-old, was dancing to the music. It was so cute! She said next year she’s going to sing, lol. She said she’ll practice all year. She spent the afternoon chasing geckos around my deck, trying to catch one. She named the small ones “Flash” which I thought was so cute!

Today will be a quick run to get some bathing suits since it was apparently difficult to find one in Denver this time of year.  Then we can hit the beach this weekend.

Anyway, I don’t expect to be around much for the next few days, as we have a lot planned. I expect to be completely worn out when they leave. Happily.

Hope you all have as nice a Valentines Day as I’m about to have. Love and light to all.

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