Mending Hearts

kintsukuroi heart

Words spoken
In anger and in pain
Shouldn’t carry the same weight
As words spoken in love and truth.

Should they?

Can the angry words be weighed
Against history and past actions?
If they were an anomaly
Can you let it go?

Or do you need to hold on to them forever?

If past actions were hurtful
Is it possible to forgive them
When the hurt that was caused
is over, and gone?

Soothed by understanding.

If love is pervasive now
Then why require past perfection.
None of us are, none of us were.
But love is.


Hearts can be broken
Hearts can be mended.
Like kintsukuroi
Perhaps hearts are more beautiful

When mended with love’s gold filaments.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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