That Old Cleaning Bug

Does the cleaning bug ever catch you? It caught me yesterday, early. So, instead of writing, I started cleaning my kitchen.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I was uninspired to write. I was staring out the window, looking for some kind of inspiration, and that’s when it hit me. My windows needed washing! I began to look around and realized my kitchen cabinets also needed the fingerprints washed off of them. And the fronts of all the appliances. So at 8:30 AM or so, I got to work. In about two hours, I finished all that. But my two little rugs, one in front of the back door and one by the sink, looked a little dingy now, with all the other things clean. I took them both outside, shook them out, then put them in the wash. And of course, began looking at the floor.

The floor needed a vacuum and a wash. I got the vacuum cleaner out and realized it was pretty full. I unclipped the canister, and emptied the yucky contents into a bag, and put it in the trash. Then, before I put the canister back, I realized that the filters which catch all the fine dirt were also very dirty. So out they came, and I washed, and washed, and washed them to get them clean. Not thinking for even a moment that I cannot run the vacuum without them, and now they are wet and will have to dry before I can vacuum. I put them in the dish drainer to dry, and needless to say, they were still not dry last night. So this morning, I will be vacuuming and washing the floor in my kitchen. At least. Maybe the whole house’s floors. Luckily, my house is tiny, so it won’t take all that much time.

I felt like one of those FB memes where people my age start one thing and get sidetracked, never accomplishing what they started to. But I did get all the surfaces in the kitchen clean and now they seem to gleam. I like that.

When I was done, I decided I needed a walk, and so walked about a mile. I’d have liked to walk a bit longer but my back started hurting so I turned and headed home. It’s left over from when I fell back in November and landed on my tailbone. I’d been to the chiropractor a lot back then, trying to prepare so it didn’t hurt on the cruise from hell. It worked, it didn’t hurt, but the cruise was a bust anyway, between the sucky weather and Dan being sick. But let’s not revisit that crap again, lol. I was almost home when a black SUV went down my street and slowed as it went past me. Then pulled into my driveway. It turned out to be one of my besties, returning a container I’d given her and her husband with soup in it the other day. So we ended up talking for quite a while. While we were talking Dan drove up, and he joined us. By the time we were done talking it was noon, so we went inside and had some lunch.

All in all, it was a busy productive morning. But I was falling asleep on my couch at 9:30 last night.

It was a typical, full day. I like days like that. Today, I think I’m going to Trader Joes for more coffee, and to Home Depot to get some herbs to plant in my grow boxes. I haven’t had any for a while, and it’s always so nice when cooking to have fresh herbs. Not a lot, but I need a new basil plant, and some parsley, rosemary, and thyme. Maybe sage too, just to be like the song.

Here’s to the cleaning bug for getting me motivated to give my kitchen a good cleaning. Onward….finish the floors and maybe the rest of the windows in the house. Seems like a good idea, after all, it’s almost spring here. Love and light, everyone.

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