Plants, Yard Work, and Other Things

These past few days have been full of yard work. Planting, finally, some herbs in my grow boxes. I can’t wait to have fresh herbs again! And a succulent basket, which I’m afraid I didn’t put enough soil into. It was my first time planting them, in a coconut fiber hanging basket. It said to put in the soil (cactus soil) one-third full, put the plants in after breaking up their root balls, then add more soil. I did all those, but guess I underestimated the 1/3 full thing because I have about 2” at the top of the basket. But to add more I’d have to remove the plants and build up the soil, so I’m going to just wait until they’ve taken root, and add soil as they grow. Hopefully, they’ll grow! I also planted an aloe plant, and have yet to decide where I’m going to put it. It grows easily here, like crazy, I’ve been told.

Besides the planting, I have torn all the roots and vines off of my back fence. I’ve mowed the lawn. I’ve dragged the hose up to the front of the house to water my plants up there. They are big plants, but it hasn’t rained in ages. I need to cut back some of the leaves that are dying. Didn’t get that far yet.

Needless to say, I’ve been exhausted at the end of the day! Saturday I took a nap for an hour so I would be awake enough to go listen to my friends sing. Dan went with me, and we had a nice time. He’s not sleeping well, which is not unusual for him, but it’s been worse lately. I wish I could teach him how to quiet that monkey mind. He thinks, I think, that it happens because we were born that way. But after a decade or two, or more, of needing a sleep aid every night, I have seriously learned how to quiet my mind. I don’t really meditate when I go to bed, it’s just the quieting of the mind that we associate with the start of a meditation. But someone has to be willing to see if it can really work, and he’s not. So…..he’s tired, which makes him a bit grouchy and critical, which keeps me away. It doesn’t help that he was pretty sick for over a week.

In the meantime, today I intend to start trying to clean the boat that still sits in my front yard. Maybe Dan will have slept enough to be able to help me. Maybe he should help anyway, and see if it doesn’t help him to sleep if he’s physically tired. But first I’ll go to the chair yoga class my friend teaches, and maybe take a walk.

I have a guy coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on replacing the ductwork in my attic. I hope the rats are gone….. I haven’t seen a sign of them in a long while, nor heard them. I can only hope.

We have a sound healing a week from today. I’ve had tremendous response on the FB event I put up. We have over 150 people going or interested in going, and we still have a week to go! I’m hoping that we might have 50 people or so. It’s free, it’s at the beach, the weather forecast is good, at least so far, and it’s scheduled to begin right after moonrise, and just before sunset on the full moon. So, I’m hopeful that we’ll have our biggest crowd yet.

Time to get started on this day. It’s going to be a much warmer, nicer day today. (Yesterday it was 38 when I got up!) So, good day to be working on the boat with a hose….

Love and light to all!

One response to “Plants, Yard Work, and Other Things

  1. Yard work is therapeutic for me as long as I don’t over do it in my jungly backyard. I’m so glad you have a lot of interest in the sound healing! Enjoy!

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