An Amazing Evening of Sound Healing

Last night we had our March full moon sound healing at the beach. I can only say it was pretty amazing.

We had about 100 people attend! We were supposed to play from 7 to 8. When I create the event on FB, I always recommend that people get there a few minutes early to get settled in. Last night we had people there 45 or 50 minutes early, just enjoying the evening. The temperature was in the low 70’s, the sky clouded up, but the sunset was still visible in the distance. People just kept coming. I stopped trying to count them when it got to about 50, but Dan counted heads at the end. He counted 96 people, and that doesn’t account for those who left a little early.

We were so thrilled, to have so many people come! My FB event had something like 270 interested or going, so I was hopeful that 40 or 50 of them would show up. But 100? That was just awesome, beyond our wildest expectations.

Because we had practiced a lot regarding how we put the journey together, I felt it was one of our best performances. People seemed to love it. There is a time when Dan walks through the crowd beating the buffalo drum over people’s heads, and I do it a few minutes later with the rainstick. I had people grasping my hand for a moment, and many people thanking me. Most people are in a pretty deep meditation by that point (it’s about half-way through the sound healing). At the end, so many heartfelt thank you’s, and hugs. I felt blessed, really…. We made good tips, for sure, but the thing is, I love doing it so much I don’t mind when we don’t make much. Because I just love seeing people get from it what’s intended, emotional healing.

Note: I need to clarify, we don’t heal anyone. People heal themselves. We just provide the venue for them to really dig deep, and let go what needs letting go in a safe, and pretty painless way.

Case in point. After we were done, and most of the crowd had packed up and left, I was loading my car with our stuff. I saw Dan talking to a woman who appeared to be around our age, and I didn’t interrupt, because it seemed she was really intense, and I kind of knew to just let that be. She was not there just to thank him. Turns out, she came and asked a question about how she’d felt vibrations in a certain part of her, and wondered what it meant. Dan explained that it was probably emotions she had buried at some point in her life.  She told him her story, and how the sound healing affected here.   Her old deeply buried emotions were coming up, because she’s ready to face it and heal it. He said she started crying like a baby. He said he’d had to hold her for a moment, she was so distraught. He then explained to her that a LOT of people cry when they are healing, that it’s just part of the journey. After about 10 minutes or so she left but was very grateful to him for helping her understand.

I was quite proud of him for the way he handled her because he’s not been a real believer in the healing aspect of what we do, but I think that was enough to change his mind. He dealt with someone who was doing some profound healing from a life-time of buried emotion. I think it was meant to be that he was the one she approached because they had something to teach each other.

Now he knows what I mean when I say “THAT”S why we do it. That’s the whole purpose of this.” Just having one person that gets that kind of result from going is enough to make me cry, really. I’m so happy to be able to help people in this small way. And I know that she was most likely not alone in her breakthrough. I’ve been to too many of sound healings and have known so many people who have benefited from sound healing in a profound way (myself included!). I love that Dan’s eyes and heart were opened a little wider from that interaction with this woman.

I really felt the donations we receive are kind of divine compensation for doing what we do. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. I love making a little extra money doing something that I am so passionate about. It’s not even like work, at all. Well, ok, loading and unloading the car maybe, but really, that’s about an hour’s worth of time.

I’m going to try to upload some pictures from last night to share with you.  Love and light to everyone.

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