Enjoying Self-Quarantine, So Far At Least

Whoever thought that our whole country would be shut down? In fact, the whole world! I have been self quarantined for a few days now, though Dan joins me. Last week I went to open mic, because I thought it would be the last one for a while, and it was. It’s been canceled for probably at least 30 days. Then we went out Friday night to see 2 of our best friends perform at a restaurant in town, and again realized it would probably be the last time for the foreseeable future.

After those two outings, and with all the dire warnings of the CDC, I decided I should be one of those who stayed put, for the most part. Because even though I feel like my health is great, really, I know that the med I take for rheumatoid arthritis is meant to suppress the immune system, and it’s working good, in that my labs show the RA is in complete remission. But also I’m diabetic, insulin-dependent, giving me two strikes on the list of serious risk factors.

Today I went to the chiropractor, then I went to vote in the Florida primary. In hindsight, I realize that I should have opted for the early voting thing, and would have had we foreseen this virus. But the polling place was very slow, only one other person voting when I was there. They had someone holding the door open, so I didn’t have to touch it. The poll workers all had on latex gloves, and I had my trusty hand sanitizer and made sure to use it. After that, I made a list for Walmart and went there to grab a few things I needed to round out my supplies for the weeks ahead. I used the sanitizer dispenser as I walked in and wiped down my cart handle as well.

I feel pretty safe.

I saw one of my best friends there, who is given slightly to conspiracy theories. And while I see that point of view, I don’t subscribe to it, because I am a firm believer that the universe is not random, and that the point of this whole exercise is to take stock of ourselves, our lives, and what’s important to us. Not to be fearful. I invited her to sit on my deck with me and have a beer. She said she would, but I haven’t seen her yet.

We all have plenty. I mean, here, among my friends. Of course, I realize there are many who don’t have plenty. But it’s not the case in this tight little insulated community that I call home.

I suppose if I was inclined I could get upset about the market crash since most of my disposable income is in my 401K. Hopefully, I can refrain from needing it until the market recovers, though I am doubtful that it will ever return to the place it was. We all knew that it was unsustainably high.

I have a dr. appointment on Thursday morning, and a hair appointment. I’m comfortable with that. I, and Dan, are usually the only customers in there when we go. Friday I am supposed to go back to the chiropractor but I’ll decide Friday whether or not to keep that appointment. I have a whole chicken marinating in a mixture I made using olive oil, wine, and herbs from my yard. Simon and Garfunkel herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Oh and garlic, not from my garden, lol. I have not made a roasted chicken in so long. I’ve never made one for Dan, and I used to get lots of compliments one it when I did it. So tomorrow I’ll take it to his house and we’ll roast it.

When I was done with my errands today, I went on my deck, which is becoming my custom when I’m home alone in the afternoon. The temps are perfect now, hovering around 80. Humidity is fairly low for here. I read until I fell asleep. How utterly lovely to fall asleep with a book in my lap, and a dry breeze blowing through my hair, in the shade of my banyan tree.

I looked up from my book at one point and saw this bouquet of heart balloons stuck in a tree. It felt like a sign, I mean…yeah. A good sign. Hearts in the wind. A scrawny Florida squirrel runs up the branches of the tree. The squirrels are scrawny here, never having to stuff themselves to get through a winter. The squirrel stops on a branch and lays down and starts talking in squirrel talk for about 5 minutes and then moves on.

I sit here, with a glass of red zinfandel wine. It’s my favorite. Dry not sweet. Robust flavor, and a wonderfully smooth finish. I had one glass left in a bottle and decided it was a good time to drink it, sitting out here in the late afternoon, with the world kind of stopping. I am feeling grateful to have an excuse not to do anything. I’m not going to Dan’s, I’m not in a hurry to cook something easy for dinner. Instead, I am watching the geckos chase each other around my deck, sipping wine, enjoying the sunshine and warm, but not hot, temps. I pressure washed my deck a few days ago. It is so much more pleasant to sit out here with the deck clean.

So, me being who I am, have been making a gratitude list of things I am grateful for during this odd, strange time in our country and all over the world. But here goes, anyway.

I am most grateful for the wonderful people in my life. Daniel, my son, my sisters, my good, good friends, from all my life, growing up in Iowa, living in CT for 45 years, and here, in Florida. I am so blessed.

For my mostly good health.

For my cute, tiny, Florida bungalow.

For the bouquet of heart balloons in the trees.

For the awesome weather. For the breeze that’s caressing my neck. For the sun that warms me by day, and the stars that shine by night.

I’m grateful that my son’s employer has decided to close and pay everyone for the two weeks they will be closed. Not sure if it will be extended if the crisis is not yet over in 2 weeks, but it’s a good start. His girlfriend’s employer did the same.

And honestly, I am really grateful that everyone is taking a step back, and taking a breath and that so many people are looking at this whole thing as a good thing. It’s almost like Dickens Tale of Two Cities “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Let’s search out the good in this crisis, so it will carry us through the worst of it.

Love and light to all. Stay safe, stay well.

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