Filling The Days of Quarantine

It’s Sunday, day 7 of self-quarantine. This week I went to get my hair cut and colored, and to the chiropractor. That’s it. Dan went to the store for me once or twice, since he’s at slightly less risk than me. He’s also the only person I’ve been in contact with. I did stop over to see his mother last time I was there, but didn’t get within 10 feet of her. She does have a few different people who stop by and have lunch with her almost daily, and she has a cleaning woman on Wednesdays. So she does have a little outside contact, but everyone is really careful around her. I’ve taken a walk most days, trying to get a little over a mile walk in.

I’ve watered my plants, washed and waxed my car, sat on my deck a lot with my kindle. I’ve done a lot of cooking, and will do more baking if I can get a bag of flour from somewhere. Even Amazon has none. Whodda thunk you ever couldn’t buy flour in this country? I guess it’s true of a lot of things these days, for sure. I placed an order with Instacart for Publix today, first time. Dan would go for me, but I hate to have him exposed there. People are always creeping up on you to grab something, and squishing up the line, oblivious to social distancing. So I don’t want him there, nor do I want to go. And I’ve heard that by tomorrow night we will probably be under a Stay at Home order, which I think is like a “Shelter in Place” order. So we’ll have plenty of food for the duration. The order is coming tomorrow night from 6 -8, my only other choice was Friday. I’ll be happy to have plenty of supplies.

I’ve checked on my older friends who can’t drive, to make sure they knew they could call me if they need anything. I could at least bring them supplies, or get them to a medical appt if necessary. Although most dr’s aren’t seeing patients either, unless it’s an emergency.

Yesterday we made sandwiches and took them down to the beach to have a little picnic, but the beach was closed. All the beaches down here are closed. Amazing world class beaches with no one on them. So we went to a nearby park and had our picnic. It was nice just to get out of the house, and to see other people walking around, going fishing on the pier. All staying a safe distance from others. It’s a strange time in history. I hope it’s a turning point for most of humanity. I hope it’s the Universe pushing our reset buttons.

I’m trying to remain proactive, and productive. I’m trying to hold all the negativity that accompanies this virus at bay and not let it dominate my thoughts. So far, so good with that intention. I pray everyone is well, and coping.

Love and light to all. Be safe, be well.

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