Living with Altered Reality

I wonder what other people are doing tonight. People like me, single but with a significant other in my life. Self-quarantined, meaning I choose not to go anywhere. Except for Dan’s. I did go through Walgreens drive through for meds.

I was at Dan’s last night. He made homemade baked beans, with pork added, and spicy hot meatballs chunked up. The beans were really good. We played cards before dinner, he won a game, I won one. We had two half bottles of wine in the fridge, so we finished one of them. And then, we watched TV. Oh, and smoked a little. Not much because I was falling asleep anyway. Oh, and I took some banana bread I’d made in the morning over to Dan’s mother.

This morning, we read all the latest news on the virus, and wondered what was true, what was false, and what was no longer true. Which of the predictions would be true. Of course, that didn’t take very long. Maybe 10 minutes. Lots of repetition.

Someone in my writers group got on our group chat and wanted to have a meeting via Zoom on Easter. I said, I can’t do Easter. I will be helping Dan make something for his mother. Another member said she can’t do it because she doesn’t have internet service, just her cell phone data. A couple of them didn’t respond. Another doesn’t text.

Someone said, let’s do it another day. After all, we’re all home all day, doing nothing. But the one member kept pushing for Easter. Because her birthday is the next day. And, yeah, so….. you’re 70. You want to have a birthday party via Zoom? She asked me, can you do it at 5? or 7? Geezus. I said I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I told them to go ahead if they need to do it the 12th. I mean half of us won’t be there, but whatever. I say we just skip the April meeting. I mean, really….sitting in our own homes, alone. How do you pass a joint on a computer screen. Or share a bottle of wine? And we’ll never finish in 40 minutes, or even 2 hours if we figure out how to use Zoom, which is doubtful for a bunch of old women.  Really, this group is about writing, but it’s also social.   A couple of the gals call it a “salon”.  Which it would not be electronically, I don’t think.  But hey they are welcome to do it, as many as want to.   I’m just not feeling the electronic thing I guess.

So that issue was left unresolved.

I did my morning meditation. Then I decided to clean Dan’s kitchen. Microwave, stove, counters, floor. He likes to cook, and is pretty good at it. But clean up is not his forte. After that, I headed home. I wanted to work on the Thich Nhat Hanh course I’m taking. It’s 3 hours of content a day, and is pretty deep. And simple at the same time. I’m enjoying it, but I have to admit that the monks and teachers quiet manner and voices can put me to sleep. Tomorrow is the last day I can access the information.

I made some dinner. Watched TV. Tried to make baked custard with coconut milk since I didn’t have any regular milk. Don’t try it. Was not a good idea. And now….I think I’ll go to bed.

I guess I’m safe. That’s the important thing. I will say I miss my life, full of friends, evenings out, music, chair yoga, spirit group, writer’s group. I miss it all. Like everyone else, I wonder when I’ll get my life back. I am utterly grateful for Dan’s company. We’ve been getting along really well, maybe because we’re all we have. Maybe we’re just appreciating each other. The condo pool and hot tub have been closed, we were bummed about that. We figured the chlorine in them would kill any virus. Then we found out it’s not the water, it’s the tables and chairs around the pool that are the problem. So, ok we will live without them too.

I ordered flour from Amazon the other day since no grocery store had any. It wasn’t supposed to come until April 8, but I got a notice today that it would be here Tuesday. Dan found a small box, qty 5, of N95 masks somewhere and bought them.  So we can wear them to the store, and feel a lot better about going there. Nothing else in town is open, just like everywhere else. Driving is so strange for this time of year. So few cars out on the road.

Well, let’s hope it’s over sooner than they think. That it’s not as bad as they say. I hope everyone is staying home, staying safe, staying well. Love and light to everyone.

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