Yikes! Every Day A Little More Insanity

OMG, this is getting so boring. It’s nighttime. Too early to go to bed, but too late to do anything but watch tv. Or write, apparently.

I don’t get regular cable tv. I do have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube to find something to watch. NONE of it piqued my interest. None. So what I’ll probably do is go to bed and read, because this is just so boring. Maybe I’ll play the gong for awhile. Or the keyboard. But I’m kinda tired, just not tired enough.

Today, Dan and I went to Trader Joe’s. I just wanted some of their coffee. They have really good, really reasonable coffee. We only had one mask, so he went in and I waited in the car for him. Took him less than 10 minutes. Then we went to Sams Club to pick up an order. The instructions were to call them when you get there and someone will bring it out to you. OK…we did that. And they said, “Ok, come inside to the pick up desk.” WTF. It said right on the phone screen someone would bring it out. I mean under normal circumstances we wouldn’t have even done the pick up thing. But if you’ve been to Sam’s lately, you have seen the line of people to get in, about 30 or so long, not really social distancing properly….

Aye yi yi. So Dan again went in to get it. With our only mask. We actually have a few masks, but he left his at home, and I have one I keep in my car, and another at my house, and one at his house.

I read that the Donald wants doctors to see if they can’t inject people with household disinfectants. And asked Dr. Birx to see if there isn’t some light therapy that might work. What a genius we have for a president. My God. It’s like a really bad futuristic movie. Meanwhile, people are going broke, going hungry, losing their ever-lovin’ minds. I fail to have even the slightest comprehension of what some people are thinking. A rally in Staten Island to protest the quarantine restrictions. A sign said, “End the lockdown rally. No mask needed. Bring your children. If you’re sick, still come. It’s your right.”

Yep, it said BRING YOUR CHILDREN. I have no words.

So now I’m home, can’t find anything that seems worth watching on tv. Going to bed, going to read for awhile. Going to try to forget about how much crazier this country has gotten, and led by the craziest of the crazy. It’s beyond the pale of imagination. Who would have ever thought? Yikes.

Good night folks. Love and light. Try to stay sane

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