Another Day

I was awakened by a quite loud thunderstorm this morning quite early, about 5:45. Then another, then another. There is a horizontal front over us, and it looks like we will get these storms throughout the day. The front wasn’t really predicted to get this far south. But actually, it’s a good thing. It’s been terribly dry here, we really need the rain. And I like thunderstorms anyway.

As usual, I’m sipping my coffee on this very dark, rainy morning,trying to figure out how to stay busy and not lose more of my mind. I do have a project though. The senior center in town has been calling all 4000 of its members to check on them since quarantine began. They were asking for volunteers to get a list of about 25 of them to call bi-weekly. So I volunteered. I have a list I will start calling today. Not looking for accolades. Just saying that doing something helpful makes me feel better than not. So that’s a good thing. I couldn’t make masks. I don’t have a sewing machine. My fingers are too arthritic to do them manually. I’m thinking of baking some banana bread and taking it somewhere to thank “essential” workers. We don’t have a hospital here in town, I don’t think we even have urgent care. IDK. I like to bake but don’t want to eat it all. Though Daniel might have different ideas about giving it away.

Last night you know, if you read my last blog, I couldn’t find anything to watch on TV. It’s my normal way of spending the last few hours of the day. But anyway, I did go play the gong for about 15 min. And my singing bowls. It really did help to calm me.

I got kinda freaked out by our president (a common occurrence with him) who was advocating something that we all know would kill people. No normal sane person would even suggest such a thing. I can see a thought like that enter someone’s mind and get thrown out immediately. Kind of one of those irrational thoughts that we would never even say, but you might think, “Wow, I wish I could disinfect my insides as easily as my outsides.” or something. But to actually give voice to that thought? I mean WHO DOES THAT?? A lunatic. A man with a very tenuous hold on reality. It’s too bad they didn’t take him out when they had the chance with the impeachment trial. Thanks, Mitch. And the rest of the gutless Republicans. How they can back a man who thinks like this is way beyond most people’s comprehension.

Thank God for the gongs, the bowls, the drums, and my sweet little insulated life in my little bungalow. I went to sleep for 8 hours. It was wonderful.

Since I can’t go for a walk, I am going to go find chair yoga on YouTube. I have had bad back problems for the last couple of months, and it really helps. I hate to go to the dr. They just started seeing patients again and I feel like their office is pretty safe. But I think they would want to send me for an MRI, and I really don’t want to go to the radiology place unless the pain gets unbearable. I stopped the chiropractor because I’m not sure of his competence at fixing this. It does seem to help the pain, but I don’t want to have to go twice a week forever, which is what it feels like I’d have to do. My method of icepacks, TENS unit, walking and chair yoga seems to do as much good as seeing him. I just have to do it consistently.

It’s time to get my day underway. Chair yoga here I come. Love and light to all. Stay safe and well.

5 responses to “Another Day

    • Hey, I sure have plenty of time. It’s mostly just leaving messages. I think because my area code is still CT. But whatever, it’s a nice thing to do, and people are very appreciative. Hope all is well with you, and that the snow quits sometime soon!

  1. I need to be more consistent with yoga, too. My weekly class was so good for me. I guess I have to schedule a time for a chair yoga video. Thanks for the nudge! Love and light!

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