A Little Parade to Brighten the Day

Today was one of the best days since quarantine began.

One of my friends put today as his birthday on FB. It’s not really til August but he didn’t want people to know when it really was. Another of my friends called me and suggested we ask everyone we knew to meet at the library at 3 PM and we’d form a caravan and drive past his house honking and making noise. So Dan and I decided to put a gong in the bed of the pick-up truck and bring one of the drums. We all met in the library parking lot as instructed, and formed a line of about 15 cars and a few bicycles and drove the two blocks to where he lives with his wife, who is my BFF down here.

It was sooooo much fun. We got to see a whole lot of our tribe, whom we hadn’t seen in a couple of months, obviously. We did our best to maintain proper social distancing, don’t worry! But we had a ball, talking, and walking (after we parked the car), dancing to the music coming from one of the people’s cars. I think it was John Prine, which was nice, and appropriate. The guy whose unbirthday it was loves John Prine, as does everyone in this town I think, since he used to live here.

Some people were suggesting that we drive around town banging the gong. We talked about having driveby sound healings. It might be fun! Anyway, the whole thing lasted about an hour, and I think the unbirthday boy and my BFF are coming over Friday night for a log in the firepit and some drinks and snacks. Maybe dessert.

Was really nice to get out, and feel normal, and talk to many of our friends that we were used to seeing once or twice a week. And to top it off, I have all the windows open and it’s just a perfect Florida night. Time to go to bed

Love and light everyone. Stay safe and stay well.

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