I’m Back, With a Bit of a Rant

I’m back. This will be a bit of a rant, because I’ve been dealing with this back/hip/leg issue for a month now, and it seems worse, not better. I’ve been going to physical therapy and they really can’t do much because I have so much pain. My dr. refuses to give me any pain meds, and the pain gets so bad at times that I consider crawling around rather than try to walk. I have learned that pain is exhausting, waking me in the night for more tylenol and a fresh icepack. So, I have just been getting through the day, sleeping a lot.

However, I at least got a reference for a pain doctor from my primary care, and will see him on Tuesday. Why my dr. didn’t offer to send me to a pain specialist the first time I asked for help, I will never know, but it irritates the crap out of me. Not like I’m a habitual user of pain meds, since I’ve never asked for them before. Now 2 weeks later, with the pain worse, I called to ask if they would refer me to someone who could actually help me, since they won’t. . I called the pain dr, and they asked if I have any x-rays or anything. No….my primary care never asked for them. To me, it’s so obviously a deteriorating condition, that it seems it would have been prudent to get x-rays or an MRI done immediately, since the cause of it is a fall, I think, onto the base of my spine. Just seems logical.

It’s all part B Medicare, and believe me, I will be looking into changing drs and insurance companies. This guy seems fine dealing with the RA and the diabetes, but when he gets something more complicated he’s not capable of handling it.

I have been staying at Dan’s for a week. They opened his pool finally, for one thing, and floating around on my back feels like heaven. But as the days wore on, I have realized that I am basically not functional. Like walking into the kitchen from the couch, about 20 steps, is torturous. I am grateful every minute for his care and concern. He’s doing all the cooking, and cleaning up, because I can’t. I”m grateful for Instacart because I feel guilty always making Dan go to the store for me. He’s doing enough for me as it is. It costs me an extra 15% to 20% but at least I can get the groceries.

Virus restrictions are being lifted here, for the most part. Beaches will be fully open as of Monday without the group of 10 people limit. We quickly made a decision to not hold a sound healing for a number of reasons. The first being, we really don’t feel it’s safe. Our curve, while better than some states, is not flat even, it’s still increasing, although the rate has slowed. Still, we definitely don’t want to feel responsible for bringing a bunch of people together and finding someone is infected. The other 2 reasons are my issue, whatever it may be, with my back and leg, and the heat. It’s getting really hot here, and also rainy, so we have to consider that if we want to schedule anything.

Well end of my frustrated and irritated rant. I hope everyone is well, and safe. Love and light to all.

8 responses to “I’m Back, With a Bit of a Rant

  1. I can totally relate! I have RA and diabetes and a host of other issues and the pain on my hips is so intense at times I just want to cry. It wakes me up in the middle of the night. I hope the pain specialist can provide you with some relief!

  2. I don’t think that was a rant at all. Once you have your xrays- and maybe initial diagnosis from the radiologist- you should ask for them to be shared with a chiropactor- if nothing is actualllyy damaged – more displaced- they may be able to work on adjusting it back- pinched nerves make stuff terrible- especially with reduced circulation with diabetes!

    • Oh I’ve seen a chiropractor. I went for about 6 – 8 weeks before the shutdown. It gave me temporary relief,but always came back in a couple days with a vengeance. So I felt there might be something else going on, but had to wait till drs office opened again. I have had diagnosis of piriformis syndrome, combined with SI joint issues, stemming from a fall I took last November. The dr I’m going to see Tuesday specializes in pain, which is the biggest problem. I can’t do PT until the pain is relieved, and everything that PT has done has aggravated the pain, not relieved it. Thanks for reading, and trying to help. I’ll get there, I’m sure. Just get a little sick of it.

  3. PT can be a really good thing, but it it’ makes the pain worse….. I wonder. Something outside the box maybe. I’m glad being in the water helped I knew someone whose doctor ordered aquatic therapy. I’m saying a prayer and sending healing energy your way.

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