Catching up

A lot of stuff to write about this week. I guess first I want to address what’s happening, or happened, all across this country. What is completely unreal though, is our president’s total lack of leadership, and total incapability to empathize, to care at all, about any of it. I mean, what part of that walk to Lafayette Square was acceptable? Certainly not the part where he disbursed the peaceful protesters with tear gas, shields, and rubber bullets. Nor the holding up of a Bible, as if he were a Christian man, or even had an inkling of what the Bible teaches. He’s depraved. He’s a mentally ill mental midget.

I keep thinking of Iyanla Van Zant saying, “When someone tells you who they are. believe them the first time.” I’ve never had a doubt as to who that man is, but hopefully some of those who weren’t convinced might now be. Especially combined with his threats of sending in the military to fire on American citizens, and other incitements to violence. Do they believe him now?

There is so much wrong with all that he’s done. It’s impossible to list them all. And actually, trying is not a healthy thing for me to do. Makes me nauseous.

Ok, enough of a rant on that. We are all (at least most of us) sick to death of him, and his childish chest-thumping while our people beg for leadership. Thank God for all the calming rhetoric from Presidents Obama, George W, and Jimmy Carter. Thank God for generals who will tell him he’s dead wrong. It gives me hope.

Update on my health issues. I got to the pain dr. on Tuesday. He was utterly surprised that my primary dr hadn’t ordered x-rays or an MRI. He ordered them. I go Monday morning at 8. Then he can begin to deal with the pain, once he knows what’s causing it. Needless to say, I am not happy that I have to wait another week for treatment, but I do feel like he’s going to find the answers and that I’m headed in the right direction.

Last week I was in the pool one morning for about an hour. I spent most of the time, but not all, floating on my back. It felt so good. I didn’t have sunscreen on, because I wasn’t going to be there long. Well….my neck and upper chest go sunburned really badly in that time. About 45 minutes. I didn’t realize it until the next day when the skin on my neck was a little tender. I looked in the mirror and my neck and upper chest were deep crimson red. And now…a week later the skin feels like snakeskin, and it’s beginning to peel and it’s really itchy and also stings.

Because there was another physical thing I needed to deal with, I guess.

Waah, waah waah. I’ll have some really good cheese with that whine……

Dan is still taking such good care of me. He went to the grocery store this morning. He got up in the middle of the night last night to get me a fresh ice pack. He cooks dinner and cleans up. I try to help as best I can. But I’m not a whole lot of use.

So….hope everyone is well. Love and light to all.

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  1. I’m so glad you got to the pool and enjoyed those 45 minutes. Sorry about the burn – I’ve had my share in years past. Sunscreen is our friend. I’m envisioning your phenomenal healing.

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