Progress, and Throwing in a Little Joy

I’m feeling better this morning. It’s just a day, but I am definitely better. I have a bunch of lidocaine patches that were given to me a few years ago when I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I cut one in half and put it one on my hip and one on my lower back. They made a remarkable difference. I also ordered a box of 6 from my insurance company. Anyway, I managed to sleep from 12:30-6:45, which is epic, because I didn’t wake up from that 6+ hours of sleep in dire pain.

It did take me some work to get back to sleep. Like a half a 5 mg hydrocodone pill. But the point is, I went back to sleep and didn’t need a fresh ice pack. My feeling better was helped by the fact that I finally, after 4 ½ days, was able to speak to the referral person at my dr. (after I called a few times) and later, my primary care dr. called me to talk about my issues, again after quite a few calls Monday and Tuesday. But I will forget how long it took for the time being, and just be grateful that I have finally grabbed their attention.

Hopeful, for the first time, really, that this situation can and will be resolved. They are going to schedule an appt for an epidural in my spine, and start up the PT again. I told him I’m happy to do PT as long as it doesn’t torture me again. Plus I’m getting a back brace and more x-rays of my lower back/spine. Progress, anyway.

The weather has been lovely here lately, Typically for this time of year we hit 90 or thereabouts every day, but the humidity is generally below 50% which makes it comfortable in the shade. Nice. Dan made us a great steak on the grill last night, so I had a good meal. I’m happy that I’ve lost 4 lbs during this ordeal. Mostly because the acetaminophen/ibuprofen/hydrocodone kind of kill my appetite. Whatever, it’s a silver lining I guess.

Dan and I have discovered a band comprised of a father and his 3 kids, the youngest is his young daughter, maybe 5 or 6 years old. One son plays drums the other plays bass, keyboard, and bongoes. Anyway they are adorable to watch. The father is pretty well known in these parts, and started doing this with his kids during the shutdown. I thought I would leave you with a link to their youtube page, because theyare delightful to watch. Love and light to all.

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