Just a Little Stream of Consciousness

Ok, first of all, I am so pleased that trump’s rally was a HUGE fail. I’m so proud of the young people who pranked him into thinking a million people wanted to come. How funny is that? He couldn’t even fil the venue, let alone have “overflow” crowds outside.  Tulsa FD reported he had 6200.  It was a joy to read that they had to take down the overflow stage before the rally even started. And this morning I read that a poll, Reuters I think but am not positive, put him down 14 pts behind Biden. I know it’s early but the trend has been for that gap to widen, not get smaller. There is hope, however cautiously optimistic we have to be.

I slept well last night, and feel pretty good today, relatively speaking. I wanted to make BBQ chicken sliders in the slow cooker for Dan for Father’s Day, but they won’t get done until tomorrow. I needed to brine the chicken breasts for 18 to 24 hours, and I just couldn’t do it last night, I was in a lot of pain. But this morning, not so much, and I got the brine made, and put the chicken in it, in the fridge. So, tomorrow it will be ready to put in the slow cooker.

My BFF went to Walgreens yesterday for me and picked up my script so I didn’t have to go out. When she got here, we ended up sitting on my deck for the afternoon, having a glass of wine, and talking. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. It’s been pretty nice weather here, mostly around 90 but the humidity is not terribly high and there’s a breeze almost always. If not I take a fan out there, just to blow the air around, which reminds me that I need to water my plants.

So off I go to take care of them, and I hope everyone has a lovely Father’s Day! Love and light to all.

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