The Heat, and Other Bits of Life

Ahhh, Florida. 9:30 AM and it’s already 90°. I’m sitting outside, on my deck, just for the chance to be outside. I won’t be able to do this for long.


Florida is leading the nation in new cases of the virus. I think. I mean, a couple of days with over 9500 new cases. Yesterday was only just over 8500. Yeah, the reopening was a great idea. Now the county is reclosing some things. They are also mandating masks inside of public places. I say the county because our governor has abdicated the responsibility by passing it onto the counties, instead of having a statewide policy on anything virus related. Kind of like his orange mentor.

The sky is a bit bluer today, so maybe the Saharan dust has moved on some? For two days it has been positively hazy here from the dust. Like we needed something else.

I had another rat last week. In the attic. It died up there from the poison and stunk. I went to Dan’s for a few days but came back yesterday. It’s good to be home. He and I seem to get on each other’s nerves a lot lately. Maybe it’s being stuck at home. IDK. Just know I’m happy to be home alone right now. I don’t want to get into a discussion about it.

I’m feeling better, the pain is less. I still can’t walk much without pain, but it certainly helped to sleep 9 hours last night. It’s usually still dark when I wake up, but this morning I didn’t wake until 7:15. I was up only once at about 3:30, got a small ice pack for my hip, and 3 acetaminophen, went back to sleep pretty fast. Since the night before, I slept only a couple hours at Dan’s, supplemented by an hour’s nap in the afternoon, I needed a good night’s sleep. It paid off, because I am feeling pretty good this AM.

When I got home yesterday, I placed a grocery order on Instacart, the delivery service from the Publix grocery store here. So grateful for them. Even though it costs me about 10% to 15% more. If not for it I’d have to ride one of those electric cars around, and I just don’t want to do that. Then I managed to clean off my kitchen table and vacuum the floor. And then my back acted up so that was the end of my housework for yesterday. Today I’ll try to get the floor mopped, and the living room vacuumed. It’s the first time in ages I’ve been even able to contemplate it.

This afternoon I plan to read, and color in my adult coloring book. Maybe write. My writer’s group is suggesting we write about our struggles. And Lord, I have them to write about. But I don’t really think I want to write about that. I just feel like I have worn that subject out in the past few years. Maybe I could write about my triumph over some of the struggles. Oh wait, I have. Even my current struggle, nasty as it’s been, and as long as it’s been, seems to be improving almost daily. With my shot on Thursday I might be back to some semblance of normalcy soon.

My sister who lives down on Long Boat Key keeps offering to come up here. I didn’t want to tell her about the rat, so I just said I’d call her when I got home from Dan’s. That gives me a chance to pick up before she gets here, even though she has offered to help me out with pick-up and vacuuming, I was too embarrassed to have her here. I am not OCD about my house but definitely can’t stand it when it’s a mess. So off I go to finish the picking up and give can get her to help me change my sheets.

Love and light everyone. Stay safe, stay well, and wear your mask!

5 responses to “The Heat, and Other Bits of Life

  1. Wow, it’s definitely hot out where you are!

    I’m so sorry about all the new cases of the virus. That governor certainly is a bit irresponsible to say the least.

  2. We have mandatory masks in NC, too. Some people are still resistant. I like the idea of writing about some of your triumphs over struggles, even the little moments of joy and relief are important to recognize. I’m glad you’re letting your sister help you some.

    • Thanks JoAnna! We have the mandatory thing in my county. My sisters county, next one south of here, leaves it to individual towns. So some places do, something me don’t. Seriously with over 10,000 cases yesterday, I’m at a loss as to understand why we don’t have a statewide mandate here. I’ve been running some ideas through my head for writing, so that’s a good thing. My sis was great, drove me to and from the dr, brought me a delicious shrimp salad and gazpacho. And the shots really helped… all is well!

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