Some Random Musings

What to do today? Hmmm. I’m home alone, as usual, and feeling a little bored with all my regular diversions, which are reading, writing, coloring, and watching tv. Yesterday I made some brownies. I meant to have Dan take some home with him when he came over to have dinner with me last night. And I forgot to tell him to take some. He came with shrimp and homemade baked beans. He bought a new tool to devein the shrimp with, which works really well, and then we put it on the grill and just added garlic butter. Yum! And a brownie sundae for dessert. He might take a run over here to get some brownies, lol. But he is coming tomorrow to take me to the dr so I’m guessing he won’t be back today.

One of my friends got her medical marijuana card this week, so he and I took her to the dispensary Monday. I hadn’t been out of the house in days, and it was nice to take a ride up there just to get out. Although I did need a new cartridge for my vape, which I use at night only. It really helps me sleep. I don’t usually indulge during the day, but at night often my pain levels with this hip/back/leg thing are high, and it honest-to-God helps me deal with the pain.

The pot doesn’t make the pain disappear, it’s still there, but it settles me down enough that I can comfortably lie on the couch, watch TV, and that allows the pain to subside. I told Dan that it feels like all the pain is pouring down my thigh, and hitting a wall in my knee, where it piles up and throbs like crazy. The knee pain takes the longest to get rid of, so it is nice that there is something I can do to at least take it down a notch. Tomorrow I go back to the dr for an evaluation on how much the shots helped me that I got 2 weeks ago. They helped, I am taking way less pain medication, but I still am unable to walk much before the pain takes over. Like maybe 25-35 steps. I can get to my mailbox and back but that’s as far as I go. I’ve been dealing with this too long, he needs to find something that will help me.

One of the girls in my writer’s group had surgery for the 2nd time on her wrist which she broke a year ago. We commiserate on our pain levels, lol. Last time I said, hey if it had to happen, now is a good time because we don’t want to go anywhere anyway. She said, “Yeah, there is no FOMO.” I said, “what’s that?” “Fear of missing out.” Nope, none of that.

I forgot about filing my taxes. Never done that before. I contacted my accountant who is going to file an extension for me. My printer’s scan feature doesn’t work, and I only have a cell phone and don’t think I can fax from it, though I haven’t tried but really have no idea how to do that anyway. So I just have to stick my stuff in an envelope. It irritates me to pay for doing my taxes, but I always feel better if he does them. They’re pretty simple, but he knows better how to deal with some parts of it, and I am afraid I might mess them up. So…I just need to find an envelope to stick my stuff in and get it off to him.

As for my original question, what am I going to do today, I may make some Glorious Morning muffins. I think I have most of the stuff I need. And I can do a lot of the prep sitting down…always a good thing for me right now. At least it’s something!

We are into monsoon season here. Every day there’s a chance of a shower, and usually the sun out in between. Every day the high is forecast just under 90°, but it seems to always go over 90°. I think they just say that to make us hopeful that maybe the day won’t be so hot. But it’s Florida in July…This will go on for a couple more months, and it will start cooling off. Right now, 10 AM, the temp is 88°, feels like 100° with the humidity at 70%. I guess, looking at Florida’s coronavirus stats, we can confirm that heat and sunlight don’t kill the virus.

I think I’ll go try to sit outside for a bit until it gets too hot. The muffins may have to wait, I’m not sure I want to heat up my kitchen. Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe, and well.

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