Wednesday Morning Stream of Consciousness

Not in any particular order.

I am happy to be sleeping in my own bed. I had to remember how to get into it, since it’s about 6” higher off the ground than most beds, including Dan’s. The first time I did it wrong and pulled some muscle near my SI joint. I thought, “Oh shit. This is gonna hurt in the morning.” But it didn’t.

I had a great day yesterday! Instead of our Tues morning coffee klatch at my house, we all met for breakfast in downtown Gulfport at our favorite place. Not sure if “downtown” is an accurate term for a commercial district that is about 3 blocks long. But it’s a good enough term.

Then we watched our good friend, who is part of the group, perform her one-woman, one-act play. It was rehearsal, she’s going to do it for a larger group of friends only. She is so talented.

I had a really good day because I hardly had any pain. I did take half a pain-killer before I went, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stay for the whole thing. It’s only twice since I left the hospital that I’ve taken anything during the day.

Today I have my first outpatient PT. I sure hope it helps. I’d love to get rid of the nagging pain in my hip, so I could walk more. I hope it doesn’t hurt me much. I will stop doing whatever they tell me if it hurts. (Home health care PT told me if it hurts your body will resist the healing. You have to stop if it hurts.

The hip discomfort originates from my spine. It’s better, which is why I try not to call it “pain”. Because I have had pain there, and this is not pain.

This morning I almost did my exercises given to me by the home health care therapist, but chose not to because I was afraid that combined with the PT I’m going to today, that it might really hurt. So, I’ll wait til I get home.

My friend, the playwright, might come over today or tomorrow. Just to visit.

I ordered from Amazon a swivel stool for my bathtub. I got it yesterday, and put it together. I also got some suction cup grab bars for the walls. Dan tried to put big metal ones in, but behind my tile is cement. The suction cup ones are just easier, and inexpensive from Amazon. This morning I’ll try the stool and grab bars out.

I need someone to go to the store with me for a few things. I know one of my friends would take me. I can use one of those electric carts, but getting from the car to the store might mean walking farther than I can walk without pain. I need to be dropped off at the front door. But I need fruit and veggies. Maybe I need to do Instacart again.

I put on earrings yesterday for the first time in 7 weeks. I was afraid the holes in my ears might have closed. But they didn’t. Happy about that. I even wore makeup. Crazy!

I could go on a rant about 45. I don’t want to though, because I have nothing new to say. I can only say that every day he becomes a bigger sociopath. A bigger liar. Less empathetic. He obviously believes that the truth is what he says, meaning he thinks if he says it, if it comes out of his mouth, it’s true. I lived with someone like that for a long time, and I see 45 on the same sad descent as that person. That pretty soon he might do something so outrageous that he has to be stopped, and that’s scary, because he wields a lot of power, at least for the next few months. Let’s hope his derangement is not that bad, but it seems to me that he is utterly delusional about many things.

Enough said.

Hoping that everyone has a great day. Love and light.

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