The Day After the Election

Yesterday, I just celebrated the winning back . My girlfriends came over around 4, and we had a bottle of champagne, and it was so good! We only spent about an hour, but it was wonderful. We’re all kind of like, OMG, he did it. WE did it. All of us did! But we were still, I think, feeling unsure….because of 2016 I guess. Finally we relaxed into it, I think, and the weight started lifting off of us, and blowing away with the stiff breeze caused by Tropical Storm Eta still many miles from us. I was so grateful for my Wednesday girls, to have a few people to sit and talk with.

I was at the grocery store when I heard. I’d gotten my flu shot, and gotten my $10 gift card for getting the shot, and went to spend it right away. Every year the Publix does that, gives you $10 for getting a flue shot that costs you nothing. But, I’ve put it in my wallet and forgotten it before, so I just went and spent it and another $20. While I was there I was following another woman who was on the phone down an aisle, and I heard her say, “OK!!! We have a president.” And her demeanor was happy, joyful. I pulled my cart over and looked at my phone and sure enough Joe had won. Immediately after, I got a text from my son, and then a call. Happy, happy, happy.

I got home and my Bff called and I answered the phone singing “Ding dong the witch is gone” which sounds better than saying he’s dead, right? But he’s done, so done. The relief is overwhelming. Today, Sunday, I vowed not to do anything. I’m just reading, and relaxing. I have fallen asleep in my recliner about 5 times, I’m sure I slept at least an hour and a half. Of course, I woke up last night around 2, wide awake, I am guessing it was the election, and the absence of dread in my life. Now that I’m fairly awake, I ordered Chinese food for dinner. I’ll watch TV tonight and stop worrying about what the toddler in the White House is gonna do.

Because…we all know there are not many lines he won’t cross, if any. And I’m waiting. But I don’t think, and the media seems to agree, that there’s not much he can do. He can file his lawsuits but none of them will change anything. I don’t expect him to concede, and who the hell cares? Doesn’t change anything, except to make him look worse than he already does, right? If that’s possible.

I keep dreaming that NY will be filing charges to prosecute him as he leaves the WH. God wouldn’t that be amazing! We can only hope. But he deserves to go to prison, after what he did to this country. All the COVID deaths alone….it may not be criminal, but morally….they are all on his hands. And that doesn’t even take into account the laughing stock he made of this country….

The only shock to me was that so many people voted for the man.

We have a lot of work to do in this country, a real lot. I love how many new people are engaged in the process, deeply. I hope they can stay that way til 2022, and help us to take back the Senate and keep the House. I hope I can find a way to contribute to the effort, with my current physical limitations.

But whatever. I told my friends yesterday, that when I was in the divorce process, I had put it off because the big picture of unraveling a 40 year relationship was just overwhelming. Then I had to do it, because of my son, because his father was seriously beginning to lose it. So I learned, just focus on one thing at a time. Just focus on the next thing you have to do. And now, with this election, we have done the NEXT thing. We took the WH back. Then we need to pay attention to the next thing, and get it done.

Happy Election Day to everyone, happy election! Breathe, long and deep.

Love and light to all.

5 responses to “The Day After the Election

  1. I cried tears of relief and joy when David told me. Apparently I was holding a lot more tension than I realized. I hope some day soon Trump and his supporters understand that he lost the election because of his policies and even more because of his character and behavior. I’m thankful for the hope.

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