Days 5, 6 and 7

Days 5, 6, 7

The days are definitely running into each other. Was it just yesterday that I was greeting everyone with Happy New Year? I guess it was. Let me think…

I wanted to stay up til midnight and do this Irish custom, despite the fact that I have very little Irish blood, that involves opening the front and back doors of the house and letting (in this case shoving hard) the old year out the back door and letting the new year in the front. So I struggled to stay awake til midnight, because if there was EVER a year I wanted to push out the door, down the stairs, and off the nearest cliff, it was 2020. I wanted to usher its muddy, pea soup colored energy out the back door, yelling “Good riddance, mutha f**ker”. You get the idea.

I mean seriously. I started out 2020 sick as a dog after a December cruise, that was in itself the cruise from hell. But that was the end of 2019 and is not included here, in my list of shit 2020 brought my way. So technically, I got sick in 2019. But it lasted til the end of January 2020, so it counts. At least in my book. Then February was the only good month, and that was because my son and his family came to visit. By the time of the shutdown, my back/hip/leg had materialized and the rest is history with that, on top of the shutdown. On top of worrying constantly about simple tasks like getting groceries, and not seeing your friends ever. Which is ongoing and sucks as much today as it did 9 months ago.

Then there was spinal surgery which I’m still going to PT for. But then, therein lies one of the bright spots. I mean, being able to walk at all is certainly an improvement, I guess. Then we won’t even talk about he who shall not be named and all the incredibly insensitive stupid shit he tried to get away with….UGH.

So suffice to say, I wanted to make sure 2020 was over, done…not that I could stop time or advance it at hyper speed. It’s over….Thank God. The question is will this year be any better?

The answer is YES. It will be. For me, I can walk again. I mean, I went to the grocery store yesterday, parked about half way down the parking lot. Walked up to the store, realized I didn’t have my mask, and walked back to the car, and back to the store again. AND IT DIDN’T HURT ME AT ALL. I went into the store, with mask, and bought myself a couple of lobster tails, small ones, for my solitary New Year’s Eve dinner. So already, the new year is better. And we will be rid of the toddler in the WH, so that’s a huge improvement. And the vaccine will get to us all eventually, though I expect to stay in a semi-quarantine state until I do.

So yes, there’s hope. It might, will, take some time to manifest/ And more crap may flow in and flow out. We will just have to deal with it. Not fight it, but watch it come and watch it go. At least, try to.

So back to the beginning of this post, I did not make it to midnight. I did not open both doors at midnight. I left a front and back window open in my house, called Dan to say goodnight, and told him 2020 was going to have to squish it’s own fat butt out the window. Fireworks were assisting 2020 to get blown to the other side of the universe til about 2 AM.

I think it’s gone. And right now, all is well into 2021. It’s only 1 day, but it is 1 day.

Love and light to all.

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