A Day of Joy, A Day of Fear

Hard to describe these emotions tonight, but I’m here because I’m gonna try.

Woke up to the news that Warnock won in GA. GOOD NEWS! Good way to start the day. That’s what I thought.

At about 12:30 I turned on the TV, which I generally never do in the daytime. But I had a voyeuristic attitude and wanted to see what would transpire with all the stupid objections in the Congress today. I. texted a couple people saying “Never ever thought I’d be agreeing with Mitch.” He said what I wanted to hear, though I would have liked to hear it at the end of November. Better late than never. My dislike of him softened just a hair. Because I know he was a major player in what happened today.

So I was watching the Senator from OK, who seemed to be doing his best to walk the Trump fault-lines, when he was stopped mid sentence, and we began to see the chambers evacuated and wondered what was going on. I was watching CBS news, because I don’t have regular TV and it was the first live news feed I found. CBS went immediately to that live feed showing what was happening.

I watched the events unfold, with a growing sick ball in the pit of my stomach. It just horrified me. Sickened me. Then it broke my heart, when I realized I wasn’t watching some third world country, but was watching thugs, Trump thugs, lay seige to our capitol, one of the bastions of liberty, known throughout the world as that. Or was.

“This is my country!” I said to my son when he called. “I’m almost 70 years old, and I never ever in my lifetime thought this could happen, except in the movies.” I know my voice was shaky.

All my life part of my solid foundation was the country I lived in. I know I have a lot of readers from other countries, I mean no disrespect of any of those countries. I’m sure you love your country as I do mine. I was one of those people who thought I lived in a great country. My country has done many things wrong, it does a lot of things I can’t agree with. But I always felt safe, it seemed to be a strong country basically full of loving kind people.

So I sat in astonishment watching people scale the walls, heard the gunshots, saw the houses of Congress evacuated, listened as the thugs tried to break down the doors, and I kept asking myself what country was this. When the cognitive dissonance cleared from my mind, I just wanted to cry. I did, actually.

In the midst of that chaos we hear that Ossoff also won in GA. And now the balance of power has really, honestly, tilted, and the Democrats will run the show. I hope stuff just flies through Congress these next four years. So much needs to be undone from the last four years, and so much to be done on Joe Biden’s agenda.

At the end of the day, democracy won. The capitol was cleared, all the the lawns and streets cleared, curfew set. And Congress went back to work, and is currently finishing what it started today. Democracy prevailed. The insurrection, which it is correctly being called by many including Biden, McConnell, and others, served only to delay it a few hours. I feel once again, that I live in a strong country, that my foundation has been restored by the fact that the horrifying acts we saw were so quickly subdued.

I kept hearing comparisons to BLM protests. BLM did NOT attack out capitol. They held free, and legal protests in legal places. And were met by rubber bullets and tear gas. Yes, some riff-raff and scum came in and used the opportunity to burn and loot. But these were not protesters today. They were thugs, and rioters, doing the bidding of a mad man who is a bully, but wants others to do his dirty work. It makes me sick. They drank the koolaid. Jim Jones aka Donald Trump fed it to them.

But the republic endured, we quickly made it through this assault on our country.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up to find that the 25th amendment has been invoked. It would be another good start to a day.

Love, light and a peaceful night wished for us all.

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