Do You Feel as Disrupted and Shaky as I Do?

I wonder how many people still feel like I do, 6 days after the insurrection at the Capitol. That is, a little shaky. As if I’ve been under threat of an assault personally and got away with out being punched in the face, despite the fact I felt sure I was going to be. Insecure, anxious, wondering where the next assault will come from. Like I was thrust into an alternate universe and can’t get my bearings because everything is upside down.

I spent the last few days with Daniel. I’m glad I did, because Wednesday’s actions are all anyone is talking about, and at least I had someone to talk to. He calms me. He is capable of a broader perspective than I have. The whole thing, as I said on my last post, terrified me, horrified me. I don’t know how long it will take to calm down from what I watched moment by moment on TV. There are times when I want him to be as upset as I am, but thankfully he isn’t, and I can lean on him.

I came home today because I had stuff to do. I went on the deck for awhile, because it was sunny and 72° when I got out there, and felt wonderful. It’s been so cold here, cold for Florida anyway. Yesterday we didn’t get out of the mid 50’s. Brrrr.

I was reading, then went on FB for supposedly a few moments. Turned out to be much longer because the local Tampa NBC affiliate was broadcasting the arraignment of the asshole who stole Nancy Pelosi’s lecturn. This took place at the Federal Courthouse in my county, Pinellas. It overjoyed me to see him in handcuffs.

Maybe Ill be able to let it go when all the ring-leaders are locked up in federal prison and silenced on social media. So so happy that trumps accounts are all shut down. I don’t understand why they made the next court date for this insurrectionist in DC, the day before the inauguration. If he decides to detour to a demonstration and gets caught, he will face an additional 10 years in prison, on top of whatever he will get for the charges filed, which are, I think, unlawful entry, stealing from the Capitol (that’s not the legal terminology but that’s what it covers) and disorderly conduct. They did not say what the punishment for those charges could be. They sound simple, like he might be able to plea-bargain them normally, but I think they are way more serious in federal court. But honestly I don’t know.

I just read that in state crimes you have to serve 50% of your sentence, but in Federal it is 85%. If I felt like reading a hugely long document that discusses sentencing on federal crimes I’d know how much time this creepy person was expected to get. I guess that’s a post for another day.

That’s it for today. Still trying to stop this crap from rolling around my brain. I guess I should think about the new couch and loveseat I ordered yesterday morning. I’m quite excited! Put that stimulus $ to good use (along with a substantial amount of my own $$. Which is mostly money I’ve saved by not being able to go anywhere for months. I really needed it. The old one has seen it’s best days long ago.

Love and light, my friends.

3 responses to “Do You Feel as Disrupted and Shaky as I Do?

    • TrE, I’m sorry to hear that. But I am not really surprised. So many people find it easier to be unkind in this country. They’ve seem to like emphasizing what divides us, not what unites us. I wish everyone could celebrate how rich
      our diversity makes us. We are so different, which is what makes us great. It’s scary to see the lengths people will go to to try to make us all the same. Hugs to you TrE. 💙

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