The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Get Vaccinated

Yesterday I spent an anxious almost hour trying to get a vaccine appointment. We had to wait until 3 PM to get into the site. My county had 10,000 doses to give away. Not much considering there are 232,000 citizens of this county over 65. This is the 2nd time we have been given a time to go online and try to get an appointment for one of these very hard to come by vaccines. The first time I couldn’t even get into the site. Yesterday I got in, finally, got to a page where they listed available appointments, and tried 10 or 20 times to get one of them. Each time I got a message saying that appointment was no longer available so pick another time. Which I did over and over until I got a message saying there were no more appointments available in my county.

Dan managed to draw the attention of the universe, I guess, and he got an appointment, and pretty quickly too. Which is good, because once vaccinated he won’t be so worried about giving it to his 94 year old mother.

Around dinner time, Dan called me (because I am quarantining yet again pending the result of a covid test I took Wed because I’d been feeling crappy for a week) and told me about a new website he’d just heard of on TV I think ( Anyway you go to it, fill out a short registration form and you are then “In Line” for the next round of available vaccinations. So of course, I did it immediately, and since I’m not seeing a lot of publicity about this site, I don’t think too many people know about it, so maybe I have a chance.

My question, though, is why our esteemed (HAHAHA) governor, a tRumpophile of the first degree, did not start a list like this 2 months ago. Or a month ago. Or anytime before now. Seems absurd to have to constantly refresh your page because you can’t connect, over and over for 45 min or so. Let’s face it, the site we’ve all been using is difficult to navigate, and especially when maybe 200,000 people are trying to get one of 10,000 shots. It’s especially, I’m guessing, hard for seniors, because we often have lost (or never really had) computer skills. I like to think mine are pretty good, having worked on a computer for years, and being online a lot, writing and reading. But if I were 10 years older? It would probably be a chore. It blows my mind to look at the inefficient way our government works, and to have a governor who has no idea how to deal with this, and who I’m not sure could figure his way out of a paper bag. This all should have been set up long ago, knowing that vaccines would be coming soon.

Enough of my rant. Hoping I get the results of the COVID test today. I’m pretty sure I don’t have it because I’ve felt fine for that last couple of days.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy. Love and light to all.

3 responses to “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Get Vaccinated

  1. It’s not much better in North Carolina. Knowing about the bottleneck, I wasn’t trying very hard to get an appointment, but like Dan, I drew the attention of the Universe. A doctor from church texted a few of us with a link for a small community clinic that got 300 doses. With her urging, I went ahead and tried it and got in before they filled up. I almost feel a little guilty. The two days of fatigue and body aches (Moderna) remind me not take anything for granted. I’ll be ready with tylenol for shot #2 at the end of Feb. (They said Tylenol is better than ibuprofen which suppresses the immune system.) I hope the appointments open up soon as President Biden moves things along. Stay well, and take good care of yourself, Debbie!

  2. Got my first shot (Moderna) this past Saturday. B got his the week before. I did what folks were suggesting-to get on multiple lists in the hopes of getting an appointment. So I did Hamilton County, the Office of the Aging, and the NY State site. and OA came through first. But, yes, beware the sore arm and flu-like aches and fatigue for a couple of days. Good luck and stay well!

    • I’m on the FL state registry, but they’ve had nothing for a couple weeks. Then I got in Publix. But that’s all we have available to us here. Get to try the Publix list I’m the morning, maybe I’ll get lucky! Today I found out I can get my cataracts removed, initial appt with surgeon is April 14,
      we’ll schedule surgery then. I’m so excited. My vision is HORRIBLE, but it’s all because of the cataracts. I can’t wait!!

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