The Pace of Life is Picking Up

It’s been awhile. I’m not sure why, I suspect there are many reasons. I’ve been preoccupied with trying to get a vaccination, for one thing. We can, at this point in my county, get an appointment from the state site,, or from Publix. For Publix we had to go online on the designated day, on their site, at 7 am, and then wait and see if you got through. Twice I got through, but when I went to book the appointment they were all booked. The state site came out with another site on which we could register, and “get in line”. Which I did, immediately, within minutes of them announcing it on the evening news in an ad. I told all my friends and my sister, and was done. I heard nothing more about it until today.

Today, I logged into Publix, as instructed. But they had no doses available, due to inclement weather. So I decided, since I was up nice and early, well, early. Not so nice. But I digress. Since I was up early, with lots of time on my hand, I thought it was a good time to unsubscribe from some of the multitudinous volumes of junk mail I get. So I was going through them one at a time, trying to decide if I wanted to keep getting their emails. And so, I came across an email, from the “get in line” site. And there was an entry code, to get into the appointment site, and a link, and I clicked on it, entered the code and voila, I was making an appointment. I got one for Friday morning at 9:30, and I got the second appointment 3 weeks from now.


By the end of March I should be good to go. I mean, I will continue to wear my mask, and socially distance, but the fear will be gone. I can go out to dinner, and to watch my friends play music, and etc. etc. Even maybe get out to see my son, who I haven’t seen in a year. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

So that’s one thing, that was keeping me preoccupied but it’s now resolved.

I’ve been working on setting my living room up to do reiki, with or without sound healing. I bought a massage table. I’ve been taking a class that will certify me as a Crystal Reiki Master, so that I can incorporate the use of crystals into my reiki practice. And now that I will be vaccinated, I can do this at home, and not worry about it.

Then, I’ve been trying my hand at watercolors. I use watercolor pencils. You dip them in water and you have watercolors! I have done only a couple. I draw them out in pencil and then paint them. I am not good at drawing, but I am sticking to simple things, a palm tree and a sunflower, and they aren’t too bad! I do it for fun, just for something different to do. I’m pleased that they aren’t horrible. But mostly I love the way it’s kind of a meditation, to just lose yourself in the painting. Even if it’s simple!

Then, I ordered a new couch and loveseat, it should be here in about 6 weeks. I’m so excited! My couch, which I loved, has definitely seen it’s better days. So at about the time I’m ready to actually start trying to get clients, my living room will be much nicer. And I can do small groups for sound healing that way, since I’ll have seating for at least 5 people. I am hoping I can make some $ doing all this. Dan will help me by doing the sound healing while I do the reiki.

Speaking of sound healing, we are doing another one in my friend’s back yard on March 8. I’ve gotten a good response on FB so far. We limit it to 15 people and in the first 24 hours of announcing I got 6 or 7 confirmations. So that’s awesome, and who knows, by April we may be able to go back to the beach for free sound healing. Last time we did that was last March, and we had over 100 people there.

I called my sis in Austin last night and she had no power, because they are on rolling blackouts. And just before I called, they had gotten a boil water notice. She can boil her water because she’s got a gas stove. But her kids who live near her, have no power, and are all electric, so how are they supposed to boil water? And the grocery store in town opened for 5 hours, and had lines 3 blocks long. In frigid temps, And you know by the time the end of the line gets to the front everything will be sold out. Meanwhile, she had on 2 pairs of wool sox, and leggings under her sweat pants, and sweaters and jackets. It’s crazy. Rick Perry says Texans should be willing to sacrifice this, to keep federal regulations out of the Texas energy companies. This from an ex energy secretary, who doesn’t give a shit about the people who elected him.

And my last bit of news is I am going to get my cataracts removed, finally. By summer. I got my eye exam done and they said, oh yeah they are ready. Which I knew because after the Super Bowl I was driving from Dan’s brother’s house back to his house, about a half mile. I made a turn onto the main road in the gated community he lives in, and went totally off the road, because I couldn’t see the side of the road, due to the glare from a street light. It’s time, finally. And I’m so happy about it, I am so sick of not being able to see well, of double vision, and halos around every light. And, by the way, I’m not driving at night until I get rid of them.

So things are looking up for the first time in a long time. Last year was so hard, with COVID, and with my injury, for which I’m still going to PT a couple times a week to strengthen the leg that totally let go on me. The surgery was August 20. and 6 months later I am still not back to normal, though I am much better, much closer than I was. I’ve started to get my interest in cooking back, among other things. I’m pretty much off the painkillers, unless I have a bunch of pain which is rare.

I’ll be around as much as possible. It is so good to feel engaged in life again, after sitting in the recliner for most of 12 months, my life disappeared from my view. Well, it’s back, and I’m delighted. Hope life is getting back to normal for you guys. I hope you and your families are safe and well.

Love and light.

2 responses to “The Pace of Life is Picking Up

  1. I’m so happy and excited for you! It was just a matter of time. 🙂 I have done some work with watercolor pencils and need to go find them! Thanks for the nudge!

  2. Those pencils are great! Especially for someone like me who is just fooling around with them. I love watercolor painting, my sis who is quite an accomplished watercolorist, was impressed by how easy they are to work with for someone like me who hadn’t ever tried to paint.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Almost feels at times like too much stuff, but I guess I’m trying to make up some of the lost time of 2020. This will be a good year!

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