The Trials and Tribulations of Getting My First Vaccine

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to have a gratitude journal. My intention was to write in it every day. A promise I kept for slightly less than 2 weeks. It became maybe once or twice a week.

This morning I went to get my first COVID vaccination. I had to drive to a town a half hour from me, to which I’d never been before. And…I had to go to the bathroom the whole way there.

Of course, since I had an appointment at 9:30 I expected no line, and that it would not take long, and that it wouldn’t hurt, because Dan told me it didn’t hurt at all.

HAHA. First of all, it hurt! But honestly, I didn’t care. I was getting the vaccine. However, I had to go to the bathroom the whole ride there, about a half hour ride, in traffic, in unfamiliar territory. Oh, I said that already (sorry!). When I drove in I asked one of the guys who was directing traffic if there was a bathroom. He said, “Right there.” and pointed to a Porta-potty. Um no, I was not going in there.

So I turned down one lane, and then turned and went down one going the opposite directions. About 5 spaces down was an SUV, PARKED across the lanes and no one in the car. I honked, and someone walking told me there was no one in the car! WTF? How frigging rude is that!! The car blocked for the most part, 3 more empty spaces. While I was trying to figure out what to do (complain to the attendants, try to back up in a long line of traffic?) I saw someone leave a parking space right up front by the building. So, I managed to get around the SUV in my tiny Nissan Versa, and drove up and got about the best parking space in the lot. Things happen for a reason, right?!

I got out of the car and saw the sky turning black. I unlocked my door and grabbed the umbrella out of my glove compartment. I got up to the line, and realized it was at least 3 lines. One for the 9:15 appointments, one for the 9:30 appointments (which was mine) and one for the 9:45. Turns out it was 4 lines because there was one for the 10:00 appointments, and it wasn’t even 9:30. Those people did not read the message when you booked it, that there was no need to come early, because you won’t get in. I was looking for my confirmation email, and my driver’s license, for the attendant who was scanning the email, during which time I butt-dialed Daniel who was sleeping because he had a rough night. Poor guy. I waited in line about 10 minutes and went in, where they checked me in. They gave me a red bracelet because I wanted it on my left side, and then they had to attach the bar code. Then I waited a few more minutes in a line, to get into the vaccination room.

I got in and asked them for a chair, because by now I’d been on my feet probably 20-25 minutes and my back was pissed, it wasn’t going to last. They were happy to oblige, and stuck the needle in and SHIT, it hurt! Shots don’t usually bother me, even the shingles and pneumonia, as well as the flu shot. But this one hurt going in and then when they pushed the injection into the muscle it hurt more. I made an involuntary sound… I told them it was because my boyfriend told me it didn’t hurt. They said different people feel it differently.

Then they told me that I needed to wait a half hour to leave, instead of 15 minutes like most people, because I’m allergic to penicillin, and when I looked at them questioning, they told me anyone who has any medicinal allergies has to wait an extra 15 minutes.

But the good news was I got to use a real bathroom while I waited. Sorry if that’s TMI.

So at 10:15 I got to leave, got into my car, texted Dan to tell him I was leaving. I called him when I was in a place where I knew where I was. Told him all the trials and tribulations of my morning. When I got home, I made myself the 2nd cup of coffee and a bagel, which will be my lunch. Eventually I will head up to his house. I’m hoping the rain is gone by then, and maybe we can go sit in the hot tub this evening.

A good way to end the day, right?

Sigh. I got my vaccine, Pfizer, which will be 92% effective in about 10 days. Then I have the 2nd one on March 12. I’m glad it was Pfizer because the wait time between the 2 is less, 3 weeks, and it seems there are less side effects with the Pfizer 2nd shot than the Moderna. Though I would have taken Moderna if that’s what they were giving. I got there safe and sound, and home again.

So, I’m grateful for:

1. Getting the vaccine.

2. Getting there and back easily (Thank you Google Maps GPS!)

3. Remembering my umbrella.

4. Having a boyfriend who gives a damn about me. It’s still amazing to me, to have someone love me the way he does.

I hope you all are safe and well. I’ve been praying for my family in Austin, what a horrible week they’ve had, and will continue to have because they have no water still, but do have power after being out Mon-Thurs. So send some good vibes their way if you get a minute. At least they can boil water, if and when they turn on the faucet and water comes out of it.

Love and light to everyone.

2 responses to “The Trials and Tribulations of Getting My First Vaccine

  1. Sending good vibes to your family and you, too! Glad you got the vaccine. I get Moderna # 2 in one week. Clearing my schedule for possible side effects since #1 had me achy and tired for two days.

    • Good luck with the 2nd shot. I only had a very sore arm from the Pfizer. But I think it was you who said any side effects are so worth being vaccinated. Sister had power back Friday morning, but the water situation was still pretty bad. Take care.

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