Sitting outside
A book in my hands
(Tibetan Peach Pie to tell the truth).

Loving the sadness of finishing
A really good book
While the tropical breeze
Of almost March caress my hair
And my flesh.

I am reminded of many days
spent in the cockpit of a boat
Reading, and rocking
As the waves lap the sides of the boat
And go on to roll up on the shore
Not too distant from where my craft was moored

I sit now on my deck,
Of my sweet little bungalow
Feeling like I’m in wonderland
Where the boat is rocking from
The motion of the ocean
The peace of smooth water
And deep blue and green hues.

I will not pass that way again
But I’m full to the brim
With joy that I knew that life
For awhile
In my life.

Written by Deborah E. Dayen

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