As I watched you leave
I could still feel your warm hands
On my back
On my shoulders
On my neck.

Your scent
Which I’d deeply inhaled as you kissed me
Was still in my nose
Filling my lungs
As your smile warmed every part of my heart.

Come back when you miss me
Or when you don’t
When you are happy
Or when life’s burdens weigh on your soul.
Come back then
Any “then” that makes you think of me
Of us
Of sitting in the sun
Feeling the breeze blow against our warm skin
And filling our senses with each other.

I will be here then
Not waiting, but living in wonder
Knowing that when you come back
Life will be richer
And fuller
And happier
Than it was since you left
Knowing always
That you’ll return
And once again, I will feel
You and I laced sweetly together for a time.

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