Lots To Be Happy About, And Grateful For

Florida is glorious in the spring. Which is why all the college kids flock down here for spring break, of course. But really, more often than not the days sparkle. Bluest of blue skies. Low humidity, (which means it is under 60%). Slight breezes, or even windy days, but windy is nice when the temperatures hover around 80°. It’s the height of tourist season, and it’s when so many people approaching retirement age decide they want to live here, at least part of the year, when they retire.

Of course, they have been intoxicated by this weather, and don’t realize how frigging hot and rainy it gets in the summer. I know I didn’t. Or, I should say, I was used to New England summer when it was often hot and humid for a month or so. But that is not like here. A few days, then it cools off up there. Here….it’s all of July and August, and the heat runs through September, though it tends to dry up a little. However….I’ll take that in trade for what I no longer have to endure about winter up there. October, November and even December are lovely here too. About the same as the spring.

Anyway, now that I’ve waxed poetic about the weather here, I will say today was one of those amazingly perfect days here. I got my oil changed for the first time in, seriously, 2 years. It was due when COVID hit us, and my back/leg/hip problem became a problem. I couldn’t drive anywhere anyway, and I’m sure the Gulfport Garage was closed for a little while. Well maybe not, it was probably an essential service here, since I don’t know of another garage in town. No quicklube places either. Eric, the owner, and I got into a long discussion about our aches and pains, but then he took my car, and changed the oil, and the wiper blades, and checked all my fluid levels and my tire pressure. While he did that I walked over to a coffee shop a couple blocks away, literally the only place to get a good cup of coffee. When I got to the shop, I saw a couple musician friends of mine who were playing what they called “massage music” for the benefit of the coffee drinkers on the sidewalk, as well as the myriad tourists on the sidewalk who were there for Fresh Market. (Fresh Market take place every Tuesday when vendors of homemade goods line the street.) My two friends were playing a bunch of instruments between them. One was playing a percussion set with a steel drum, and other assorted things, as well as his guitar. The other was playing (mostly) an instrument he made. It’s the base of a palm frond, strung with strings, which has this wonderful melodic tone, and blended really well with the steel drum. It was lovely and I got to listen for almost an hour. (I put up a video on FB, if we are friends you can see/hear it.) He also plays a clarinet, a sax…a couple of really really talented people.

When I got home, I made some lunch and then remembered I’d promised one of my CT friends who is really going through a lot, and has for a few years now, that I would send reiki to her and her mother. I texted her and asked if it was a good time for her to sit and relax for a little while. It was, so I proceeded to send it to her. I have learned so much more about reiki, practicing and sending it by taking a refresher course and being re-attuned. I send it to Dan a lot when we aren’t sleeping in the same place because it really seems to help him sleep. Anyway, I sent it to my dear friend up north, with my focus on her intentions. When I was done about 35 min. later, I texted her that I was done, but wanted to call her before I did her mother. She called me immediately and said, “That is SO weird, I just got up from my chair and you texted that you were done, at the same moment.”( She called me as I typed this blog, a couple hours later, to tell me that the dread in the pit of her stomach was gone. I am so glad.)

Love that stuff. We talked, I told her what my intuition told me to tell her, and asked some questions about her mom. When I finished her mom 30 min later, I had just texted my friend to tell her I was done, and Dan called me. Another coinsigndence, that he waited until I was done with the reiki, even though he didn’t even know I was doing it until I told him when he called.

After we hung up, I decided I needed to sit outside with a book and my music for awhile. I did that for about an hour, and listened to the now stiff breeze blowing the leaves and palm fronds enough to be audible. Felt like I was in heaven.

The wonderful thing about being a reiki practitioner is that when you give it, you also get it. My friend had asked me if it wouldn’t exhaust me to do both her and her mother. I told her “Oh no, I will get it as I send it to you.” And I did. Now I feel so peaceful, and content.

I got my 2nd vaccine last week, so in about a week, I will have behind me the 14 day period you need to wait until you are really protected. When that happens, I am going to start building a reiki practice here in town. At least that’s my plan. Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Reiki with sound healing. I’m pretty excited about it. Seems like a good way to make money doing something I’m passionate about it. Dan will do the sound healing while I do reiki, and he loves doing sound healing, even though he has his doubts about it’s ability to actually heal.

Next month we intend to go back to the beach, and do it for donations only. I’ve had a lot of people who have expressed excitement about us coming back. Hopefully, we can do one for the new moon and the full moon in April and May. Maybe June, but that will depend on how hot it gets.

Totally loving my life here at the moment. Very blessed by so many things.

Love and light to all of you.

6 responses to “Lots To Be Happy About, And Grateful For

  1. I just arrived on the panhandle this weekend after a 3-day drive from RI, and I’m already annoyed by the little bit of humidity I’ve experienced. I’m really, really hoping I’m not here to deal with it during the summer!

  2. I’m so very happy for you! David and I had our honeymoon on Key Largo in December. Swimming was a little chilly. Some day, I hope to visit Florida in the spring. Summers on the Carolina Coast can get miserably hot. (it’s a good thing we’re not far from the ocean) But spring is perfect! Enjoy!

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