Catching My Breath

I’m sitting down and catching my breath tonight. I’ve been busy lately, busier than I ever expected to be in my retirement!

We are doing a sound healing at the beach for the April new moon. I’ve been trying to get the word out, mostly on Facebook. I created an event which I first put up a week ago, and have received over 150 responses of going or interested. That’s pretty amazing! I will be re-sposting 2 more times prior to the event at the beach. I have a good feeling about the turnout. We do it for free, but will of course take donations. We haven’t done this in a year, but the last time we had over 100 people and got a lot of tips/donations. So that’s taking a lot of my time, but I’m really looking forward to it.

I have offered my friends here in town a free reiki session, and have done a couple of them. I want to practice in-person reiki, because I’ve done it rarely since I moved to Florida. I do distance reiki regularly for friends, and for Dan to help him sleep, but not in-person. Last week a few of my friends were over and one of them asked me to do it to see if I could help her with an issue, and I was happy to. I haven’t gotten feedback yet. I may not get any unless I ask but I’m sure I will at some point. Another friend has been asking me to for awhile, but I didn’t want to do it at all, for anyone, until my vaccinations, (and theirs) were fully effective. The second time was kind of cool, because I sensed something in her throat chakra, and she immediately confirmed. Like, “Oh yeah, my throat is always sore. I am constantly sucking on cough drops.” But I did not know it until after I treated her, so it was nice to have confirmation that I actually intuited something, and could feel the energy around something that was a real problem for her.

Of course, in order to do reiki in person, I had to learn to put the massage table up and take it down. Down was easy. Up was much more difficult but I think I got it now.

I also finished a couple of crystal reiki courses, and I made a couple of crystal grids. One for my house, one to put under the reiki table that I can customize if I need to. Right now it’s kind of generic, but as I get to know people, clients, better, I will be able to tailor it to their intentions.

I have a couple other courses in the queue on Udemy too. And I just finished Brene Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness, which was utterly fabulous. As she usually is.

On top of these things, my son is buying a townhouse in Colorado. He’s doing it on his own, it will be solely in his name. I am so proud of him, to be buying this house at age 28. He’s been on the phone with me constantly, asking me so many questions about why the financial people want this, that, and other things. He asked me to come out there for Mother’s Day, because it falls near his birthday, and his girlfriends daughter, but I can’t because I am hoping I’ll be getting my cataracts removed around then. But maybe later in May.

Dan and I both got haircuts, him for the first time since last summer. He goes to the same hairdresser that I do, but has been afraid to go til he was vaccinated because she is an anti-masker, and all that goes with it. But she’s good at cutting hair. I’ve been twice more than he has, but I had to. I had to sleep on my right side for the better part of a year due to all my back/hip/leg problems. As a result, the hair on the right side of my head was all thinned out and broken, and looked so awful! So my hairdresser had to cut it pretty short, so I could let it grow back in a healthier state. I am using better products on it, and not using any heat on it, and sleeping on a satin pillow case. It’s really improved but I will be happy when it’s grown back.

As for that back/hip/leg issue, it’s so much better. I faithfully do the exercises that PT gave me, every day, and I’ve started taking short walks, like to the end of the block and back. It doesn’t seem like much but considering that a couple of months ago it seemed like an impossibility, I’m thrilled.

Then there is regular housework, laundry, grocery shopping (I’m still using the electric cart there because I can’t stay on my feet for the length of the grocery store and check-out). So, writing has gotten pushed to the back burner for me at the moment. But life is full, and good. It feels so good be re-engaging with life again.

Love and light to everyone.

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