Random Early Morning Ruminations

Good morning peeps. I hope everyone is well this morning. I am reasonably well, for a 70 year old, thought I’d love to understand why I keep waking up at 6 AM, sometimes earlier, when for months I’ve been waking between 7 and 7:30. But it is what it is, right? The sun is coming up, the day is brightening, the long shadows are cast on the ground to the west, and the sun has turned the eastern sky a clear rose gold. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. I can see it’s breezy out, and it’s chilly today, 50°. Chilly for Florida. I set my heat so the house wouldn’t go below 68° last night, and it was a chilly 68° when I finally realized that sleep was over and got out of bed,

I shouldn’t mind the early hours. For years I was up around 5:30 every day, usually writing. So maybe now that my health issues of the last year are so improved, I will go back to the early hours. I do love the sunrise, the promise of another day.

I was alone a lot this week. But yesterday my Wednesdames rescued me (even though it was Thursday), and I walked two houses down to my friends house, and 4 of us chatted and had a glass of wine and a little smoke. My friend made a spinach and feta cheese frittata, and she had made some gluten free cookies with almond flour. They were delicious. It was good to see them and just have a relaxed talk with them.

I asked one of the girls, who writes a LOT, (she wrote a play which was produced off-Broadway some years ago) what her process is. Does she need to be alone, have it quiet, or something else. She said she needs to be alone but needs to be able to walk around while she’s thinking. Interesting. I realized that while my process used to be to write in the early morning hours, that I have not been doing that. Not taking a focused dedicated time for my writing, kind of expecting it to just come out of me. While that does happen occasionally, we all know that it does not happen all the time. I guess I’ve been waiting for it to just hit me, some inspiration or something. I’ve not taken it seriously recently, so I’m hoping that I can find a process that works, incorporating the new with the old. Wondering what process others use.

I was alone out of choice this week. Monday Dan and I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at our favorite cuban restaurant in town. But Tuesday and Wednesday I just sat on my deck and read, meditated, did self-reiki, listened to music. Both days I was outside til late in the day, 5 or 5:30. It was so lovely… temps in the low 80’s, only a slight breeze and fairly low humidity (that means it was under 60%). I haven’t spent an afternoon reading in a long time, let alone 2. I’m reading a John Grisham novel, Testament. Totally not my normal choice, but last time I was at Dan’s I forgot to bring my kindle and so picked this up off his bookshelf. And to my surprise, I am really enjoying it. Surprised, because I am so used to reading spiritual-bent books. I used to read a lot of Grisham, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed his writing. It was also nice to take a break from the deep kind of stuff I usually read.

I find myself veering off of things I intend to write, to just kind of journal. But I just deleted that portion in this post. Unless I have something deeper to say about it….I don’t want to do that! The other day I wrote a long journal-type entry, and saved it as a journal, not published. That’s what I’m going to continue to do with journal-type entries. Write them, because I obviously need to record them or I wouldn’t write them, but also, I am often working out something personal in them.

It’s interesting to observe myself, how I’ve strayed from writing, because I haven’t felt like focusing. Lazy? Afraid of what I might find out about myself? I don’t know. I do have a renewed interest in performing reiki, which is taking my time and thought. I really enjoyed providing it with my new massage table, for free, to my friends. I’m even considering a course in performing it on pet

s because this is the most pet friendly town ever. Even the drinking fountains down along the beach have a low fountain for dogs. Every outdoor restaurant provides bowls and water to their customers pets. So why not reiki when the pet gets upset, or doesn’t feel well? Well, people first. I need to extend my free offer to some others of my friends.

Time to get this day underway. I spent a good hour here today, writing. Not my best work, but certainly not my worst. Acceptable, for today.

Love and light to everyone.

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