Sound Healing Response Is Overwhelming!

I have mentioned in a couple of previous blogs that Dan and I are doing another sound healing at the beach here in town. We’ve been pretty excited about it, because it’s been a year and a month since we could play there, because of the COVID shutdown and because of my spinal injury. But we’re going back, and looking very forward to it.

I put up a Facebook event for it. A friend who facilitates drum circles canceled the one she had planned for the same night, at the same place because in her words “You guys have such a huge following.” She said she was lucky to get 8 or 10 people, and she has gotten involved in some other things anyway, and didn’t really have the time. I told her that I HOPED we still had a following but it’s been a year, so we can just hope.

The last time we did this, March of 2020 about a week before the shutdown, our FB event had 225 responses (or somewhere near that, I’m going on my memory) and over 100 people attended. We were thrilled, seriously, just thrilled. This time, our event for Monday night has had almost 450 responses. Since it’s free, (except for what people put in the tip jar) there’s no way to know how many will actually come, but 450 is a HUGE response for any event in this small town.

I’m sure you can imagine I am so excited. To think that there are that many people who would have an interest in this just blows my mind. As you know, or do at least if you read my posts regularly, it is my passion. More than anything, I love hearing peoples stories about the profound impact sound healing has had on them. As it always did for me, always. So I’m really excited and also concerned about the logistics if say, half of those people come. My biggest worry is whether the sound carry to the back of the crowd. So I’m going to try a few things to get the crowd to move up closer to the gongs so that the crowd all move up about 20 ft.

Then tonight I got a FB notification that a page called “St. Pete Homes and Living” had mentioned Good Vibrations Sound Healing. I clicked on the link and turns out they are an online magazine for people looking to buy a home in the area, and they also list all the events in the area for the next week. They had our sound healing listed as something to do Monday night! And I’d never even heard of them! Wow.

Tonight I am so blown away, by the response, and the acknowledgment by this magazine of what we are doing! I don’t know if this is an anomaly, or a trend, or whatever, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s the reality at the moment. It’s all good!

Love and light to everyone.

PS. The “n” key and the “b” key on my keyboard are not wanting to type. I think I got them all put back in, but if you find an error that could use one of those keys, my apologies.

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