Settling in to Happiness

It’s been thunderstorming since late morning. And that’s after it stormed last night, as soon as I got home from Dan’s. Normally I’d have stayed there last night, not just Friday, but my cataracts are so bad, I didn’t want to drive home in a thunderstorm, or the dark, or more storms today. So I came home early, stopped for gas, and 10 minutes after I got home the corner of my street was flooded from the downpour.

I have an appointment with the opthamologist Wednesday for the first consult on the cataracts. I am so hoping by the middle of May, or even any time in May, that I will be able to see well again. They said I’d just need my readers after surgery. I still have 5 or 6 pairs of readers laying around my house, so I am so looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll be able to read the info on the TV without getting up and walking over to i

We can always dream….

While it stormed today, which is really the first appreciable storm in months, I got most everything packed up for the sound healing tomorrow. Small portable tables, mallets, drums, tip jar, tingsha bells. I washed the gong and washed the little flumies, the small friction mallets that create sounds much like the whales make, although there are people who hear elephants trumpeting, not whale songs. Hey the sounds are whatever you perceive them to be, and the next time you hear them they might be something different. I also washed the singing crystal bowls, because I would guess they are a little dusty from sitting on the table for months. Actually weeks, since we just did a sound healing in March.

It was actually nice to have the whole day to do this. Usually I am rushing around the afternoon before we play, trying to get everything put together. Dan will pack the other two gongs in his truck and all the stands. Then when he comes over here we will pack my gong, the bowls, the drums and the bags I’ve packed, as well as the table for the singing bowls and chairs to sit in when we play. Then drive to the beach, unpack it all, play, then repack it and bring it home. Dan loves to play, but he hates having to haul the stuff around. He bought us a carry bag for all the gongs, and it will be especially nice for his big one, 40”, and it weighs about 60 lbs. The bag should help him. The other two gongs are smaller and not as heavy, but will still be easier to carry from the truck to where we set up with a bag.

I made myself some fish tacos for dinner tonight. They were so good! There’s a place in town down on the beach that makes really good ones, but….it’s raining. Not a good night to sit outdoors drinking wine and eating fish tacos! Later this week, some friends of ours host an open mic there, so maybe we’ll go and get a $4 taco! Tortilla, fish, coleslaw, cheese, and guacamole salsa. Never had them before I started coming down here to visit my sister before I moved here.

My son bought a house out in Colorado. I’m very happy for him, and proud of him. But I’ve had to subdue the emotions I have around it, at least when I’m talking to him. Owning a home means he won’t be packing up and moving here without a lot of planning. That has always been an option…though kind of a distant one. The other emotion I have is that it’s the first really big milestone in his life I’ve not been there to share with him. But….it’s a move he needed to make without me. So….I”ve settled in to just being happy for him.

Here’s to thunderstorms, and sound healing at the beach as the sun sets, getting rid of cataracts, eating fish tacos, and new homes. Life continues flowing merrily along.

Love and light to all.

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