Sound Healing Was Great!

The sound healing at the beach went really well.

We had somewhere around 100 people. They were really spread out so we didn’t try to count them. People who came together, sat together, but all the groups were more than socially distanced, mostly more than 10’ apart. Many people wore masks as they approached but took them off once they got settled, which was fine, considering they were socially distanced, we were outdoors, no one is even talking during the soundbath, or singing, or shouting, and the only people walking around at all were Dan and I. Most people go into a pretty deep meditation. I think the risks were pretty low. The social distancing happened organically, as people know what they need to do, and there was plenty of room for people concerned about it to sit a long ways away from any group. I feel that by now, everyone knows what they have to do to be safe, and there was plenty of room to sit 20’ away from anyone else if someone was concerned about being too close to others.

It was a lovely night, an almost cloudless sky as the sun set, filling the sky with rose light. I stood up to thank everyone for coming, and welcome them back to the sound healing at the beach, and as I said that, they broke into applause! That’s never happened before. They did it at the end too!

We were somewhat afraid that the sound wouldn’t carry to the back of the crowd. But as I walked through the crowd with the rainstick, I could hear Dan playing the large gong quietly all the way to the back. Everything is so silent around us while we are playing that the sound easily carried down the beach. The only the sound that accompanied us was the slight breeze and the waves lapping the shore.

I felt it was our best sound healing at the beach, so far. I felt Dan and I were playing intuitively, with each other. We only had to glance at each other to know where we were at, and where we were going next. I absolutely love that feeling, that we can communicate without speaking. Just knowing.

After we finished people were lining up to talk to us. I had a line, Dan had a line. The responses to the soundbath ranged from “That was amazing!” to “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.” to “how long have you been doing this?” and everything in between. It was just so heartwarming, so wonderful to see and hear how much people liked it, and appreciated it, and that it helped them somehow.

I swear I was glowing when it was over. It just delighted me, to be surrouded so many kindred spirits. It was also wonderful to see many people I hadn’t seen in a year, and be able to hug them, because I knew they had been vaccinated, as had Dan and I. I realize there is always going to be some risk, and I won’t hug someone I don’t know. But good friends that are my age or older that I know have been vaccinated? It was wonderful to be able to hug them again.

The tip jar was full to the top, which was wonderful for us, for sure, because it’s a lot of work to load the truck with all our instruments, unload it from the truck at the beach, reload it at the end, bring it home and unload it again. So, my dream of making some money at something I am passionate about came true!

Even though we were finished by 8:30 or 8:45, we didn’t get back to my house until about 10, because so many people wanted to talk to us, and we still had to pack it all up again. At my house (a mile and a half away) we brought in what stays at my house, set it down and plopped down on the couch. It was already past my bedtime! Tuesday I was exhausted all day, but invited a friend over because emotionally I was so pumped that it went so well. She had come to the sound healing and also loved it, and she’s a good friend so didn’t mind me glowing about it, lol.

Love my life here. Feeling totally blessed. Love and light, everyone!

Picture take by me as we began.

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