Summe Is Here, It Seems

Summer is going to come right on the heels of Memorial Day, it seems. For weeks the weather has been bright and sunny, and no rain, but low humidity. Perfect weather. And now, every day after tomorrow has a chance of rain. Not a big chance but 40%, and we do need the rain. But it will probably be too hot and sticky to sit out on the deck with a book.

Gosh, I sound gloomy and melancholy. But I am not really. Spring is such an awesome time here. While I read my Iowa friends posts, and a friend from upstate NY, on FB about how cold it’s been for the last couple of morning, with a freeze warning for this morning, I realize that it’s been a long spring here. Usually the hot sticky stuff would have started a couple of weeks ago. So….the rain will be good for my burned grass. And I won’t have to use so much water on my plants. And, I can’t forget that usually a day with a 40% chance of rain means that the sun will be out a good part of the day. So writing this has cast out the weather demons from my psyche.

Dan and I have been watching the NHL playoffs. Tampa Bay Lightning has made it to the 2nd round, they are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. I can only see the games at Dan’s because I don’t have regular TV, so I’ve been spending more time up there. Dan played hockey when he was young, and of course, I am the quintessential hockeymom, so we enjoy it. And Boston Bruins are advancing as well. They are our 2nd favorite team because we both followed them when we lived up north.

I’m making a pot roast which I’m going to turn into BBQ beef when it’s done, and take it to Dan’s for sandwiches for tomorrow’s game. Hope it turns out well!

We’ve stopped doing sound healing for the summer. It’s just too hot to load all the equipment into the truck, unpack it at the beach, play for an hour, repack the truck, and then unpack it at home again. I am admitting that at 70, I just can’t do that anymore in the summer heat, and besides, who wants to sit outside even in the evening when it’s so hot? The snowbirds have mostly left, and the crowd would be small anyway, maybe 20 people if we were lucky. I’ve been trying to garner some interest in private sound healings here in my house, and a few people have shown an interest. I would hope we could do a few a month here, and a few reiki sessions as well. I guess we’ll see. I am working on manifesting those things!

Yesterday I woke up feeling really good, energetic, wanting to get stuff done. I went to the gym to ride the bike there and had my best day ever. I increased the intensity from 2 to 3, and did 4.4 miles in 30 minutes, my best ever. I did get a lot done yesterday too. But last night I started crashing around dinner time, and was suddenly exhausted! Today…I’ve had a hard time waking up fully. My legs are tight from all that peddling, but don’t really hurt, so that’s a good thing. Really the only pht art of me that ever has much residual pain is my lower back, and I can’t even call it pain, just weakness that begins to hurt if I’m on my feet too long. Weird thing is that when I do reiki on someone, as I do it, my back hurts less, and I can stay up longer. But anyway, I’m skipping the gym today.

I feel like 70 is a real turning point for me. I just can’t do what I used to be able to do. Of course, living in a recliner for 9 months did not help. I will keep plugging away, and get back to my mile and a half to two mile walks. I’m happy that I can see that as a reality now.

Love and light to all.

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