Rain, Reiki, and The Stanley Cup

Boy, I sure miss sitting outside on my deck. It’s been hot and stormy and rainy now for days, maybe weeks. But, that’s Florida in the summer. Monsoon season. My sis was saying a few weeks ago, before the season was upon us, how guilty she felt for not wanting any rain. Our weather had been amazing for a long while, like low 80’s with humidity under 40%, but extremely dry, or as they say in the Northeast, wicked dry. I told her don’t feel guilty, monsoon season will soon be upon us, and it was. Soon. And will now be that way into September. Then we’ll have a short window before tourist season starts.

There’s a lot to like about monsoon season though. I don’t have to water the plants, like, at all. I do have to dump the water out of one pot I have that has no overflow vent, but that’s it. The temps stay in the 80’s mostly because it’s pretty cloudy. And, it can be interesting. This morning I said to Dan, what a beautiful morning. And it was really nice out, sunny some high puffy clouds. And he and I got up at the same time, which is really unusual. I had visions of us making breakfast for ourselves, sitting chatting since we both got a good night’s sleep. Momentarily though, a cloudburst descended on us and it began pouring and blowing, and his mother called and needed something…..and there went my beautiful morning. It’s been raining on and off all day now (it’s dinnertime) and the sun has peeked out a few times between raindrops but I haven’t seen a rainbow yet.

I completed my Karuna Ki Reiki course, got my attunement and my certificate showing me as a Karuna Reiki Master. It’s a very intense arm of reiki, and works on healing and/or understanding things like the shadow self, and the inner child. I really enjoyed it, though the attunement gave me a headache and a bit of an upset stomach that night, and also felt very emotional for a few days, but most powerful attunements do affect one physically and emotionally. It’s done as part of the regular reiki session, and I had a friend come over so I could practice on her. She said she could feel the energy move through her more. Since neither of us knew what to expect, that seems like a good start! Now I’m studying another modality, not related to reiki, called Quantum Touch. Even though it’s not related to reiki, it can be incorporated into that practice, but it will be awhile before I feel confident enough to practice it, even after taking the course.

When my friend was here for the practice session she showed me how I could rearrange my guest room so that I could move my massage table in it, and leave it up. I started on it already, shouldn’t be a lot of work. I’m pretty excited about it, as the table is a pain to put up and take down and try to move. Especially for someone whose back is not yet fully functional. She also convinced me I need to purge a lot of stuff out of my house, stuff to which I’m very attached. I know I need to let some of it go. So that’s in the back of my mind too. The things I brought with me are all things that give me good memories, and I had so few from most of my life. So that will all be a struggle for me, but I do live in a tiny house (which is not that tiny for Florida!) but for me…I downsized from 2700 sq ft to 900… I’ll get there. Mostly I just want to have a dedicated space, my sacred space, to practice the healing arts I’m learning.

We have been watching the NHL playoffs intently, because the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the finals and look like they might sweep it. They need 4 wins to win the Stanley cup again, for the 2nd year in a row, and are up 3 games to none. Next game we will hear those famous words, “The Stanley Cup is in the house.” since it’s possible that they will game 4 and thus the Cup. How fun is that for Tampa Bay? Such a winning streak we’ve been on with our sports teams.

Love and light to all, from hot, wet, muggy, cloudy, winning Florida.

3 responses to “Rain, Reiki, and The Stanley Cup

  1. I admire your continuing learning process in reiki and quantum touch – it sounds exciting! And I understand about needing to purge a lot of stuff. It’s an ongoing process for me. Best wishes!

    • Thanks Johanna! Lately I’ve been immersing myself in alternative therapies. Can’t get enough of it! And purging is so hard for me, I get so attached to little things. But I’m working on it. Lol. Take care, hope Elsa missed you guys. It will be over us later today until tomorrow morning. My job this morning is to secure the stuff on my deck. Take care.

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