Following Passions

It’s been a while, again. I’ve been reading, for my book club. I’ve been finishing up a couple of courses, one on Quantum Touch, and I’ve been dabbling in Quantum Healing Codes, and The Emotion Code. All of those are healing modalities, which will work with Reiki. Besides that I have been rearranging my guest room so I can fit my massage table in there, so I have a dedicated space for reiki, instead of putting it up in the living room and having to take it down when I’ve finished performing on someone. It is coming out pretty well. I hope to start advertising for clients next week sometime.

I bought a Reiki Oracle Deck from Amazon. It’s kind of like Tarot, except it references reiki in everything. Reiki, higher consciousness, meditation, love. The readings involve setting an intention, and a short prayer to the universe for guidance regarding the particular intention I set. I give myself a reading daily, and almost every day the guidance is to get started on my Reiki practice, that it’s what I’m meant to do, etc., etc., etc.

So I’m about to do it. I’m ready, I’m trained, I’ve studied, I’ve practiced. I’m excited.

I watched the documentary “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” last week. Actually watched it twice, the second time with Dan. It’s about all the thousands of pages of government documents on UFO’s that have been released in the last few years. It’s mind-blowing. The movie is headed up by Dr. Steven Greer, who was an emergency room doctor, and now heads up the Disclosure Project, which he created to get through all these documents, and release the info to the public. He’s a brilliant man, and also heads up CE5 groups (CE5 standing for Close Encounters of 5th kind). He’s advised every president since Bill Clinton about the actual threat or lack of it from these encounters. The videos and interviews are breathtaking. All stuff kept secret from all of us since at least 1947.

Like I said, it’s mind-blowing. There’s another documentary, related, but more about the military response to this info, called “Unacknowledged.”It too is almost incredible, if there weren’t so many absolutely unimpeachable sources.

It’s been so hot here for so long that I have been inside a lot. But now, with the return of Covid protocols, I’m trying to go outdoors more. I need fresh air, and I love sitting on my deck watching the birds, butterflies, and what seem to be a newly hatched crop of geckos. They are so tiny.

I got my first cataract removed, my worst one almost 3 weeks ago. The surgery was quick and easy and by the end of the day, I could see much more clearly with that eye. I had to pop the lens out of my glasses though, on the right eye, because my glasses were way too strong with my eye being so much better. So now I’m walking around with one lens in my glasses. I’m going next week to the opticians where I got them to get a clear lens put in til I get the left eye done, probably not until October.

I’m going to CT in September for a couple weeks. My son and his family are going too, from CO, for a wedding, and I’ve been recruited to stay with Ellena while they go to the wedding. I’m very excited about this. Maybe I can take her apple picking, or down to the shore to Mystic. Or something else, maybe my son will come up with an idea. They will only be around for 5 days, but I’m staying longer so I can catch up with all my friends. I haven’t been back for 3 years, mostly due to Covid and my spinal problem of last year. Which, by the way, is pretty good, as long as I get on the stationary bike every other day. It’s so awesome to be able to walk normally, without pain.

Now if Covid would just find its way out of town. Florida is once again heading up cases and hospitalizations. I have two friends who have breakthrough cases after being fully vaccinated in March. I am pretty scared to fly while these numbers are so out of control. It’s been back to wearing masks and staying home for the time being.

Life is full, and a little crazy, but I’m following my passions, and that feels good.

Love and light to all.

2 responses to “Following Passions

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your passions and appreciate the tibits of info on reiki, close encounters, and cateracts. I’m looking forward to cateract removal one of these years. Close Encounters, I’m not so sure about. It’s funny, because I love science fiction, but a little nervous about the real possibilities. Your description of the interviews as “breathtaking” sounds hopeful. David wants to drive to southeastern CT in September to see his mom. I hope we all travel safe and stay well.

    • Sept should be a wonderful time to be in CT. Warm days and cool nights. Yes I hope for safe travels for us all. It’s a little scary to think about flying right now with Covid #’s so high. But away from
      FL is a good direction anyway. Take care!

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