Quiet Saturday

It’s been a quiet day today. I awakened early, at 6 AM on the dot, in the dark. You know, I didn’t realize when I moved here that days are shorter, significantly. I don’t think the sun ever comes up before 6, (or maybe I slept through it?) and the latest it’s up in the evening is 8:30, around the summer solstice. In CT, it comes up sometimes as early as 4:30 AM, and didn’t set until after 9, at least around the solstice, up to maybe the 4th of July. I do miss the long days of summer, but, as usual, I don’t miss the bad parts of living up north, like really short days, and frigid temps and piles of snow….

I made a good trade. Even though for the entire months of July and August it storms every day. Somewhere at least. Not always here, but we can hear it and see it, though often without a drop of rain. Crazy wild electrical thunderstorms, one a couple days ago that brought a brief hail shower. So weird that frozen water came out of the sky when it was over 90°.

Today I got a text from son’s gf, telling me that Baby L is the size of an avocado. I think this week coming up is when they’ll find out if it’s Baby Luna or Baby Lucian. I told her when she told me about the avocado, that I love avocados and please send me a picture. She did, and she glows. She is a beautiful mother. This child will be half Polish, one quarter each Mexican and Okinawan. A true American. I love the avocado to bits.

I have set up my spare bedroom to hold my reiki table. I love having a dedicated space. I’ve been working on business cards for my practice. The problem now is Covid. What else? Of course. Florida is beyond the pale with our infections, almost 50,000 yesterday. Our governor has issued an order that school districts canNOT have mask mandates, and is threatening the salaries of superintendents if they issue them anyway. Which quite a few have. Imagine, no mask mandate for kids who cannot get a vaccine yet, when this state has more than 25% of all the cases in the country. It’s so upsetting. Governor’s name is DeSantis. A lot of folks call him DeathSantis. Only 40% have been vaccinated in this state. And almost every day we see a story about a family who refused a vaccine and most of the family is dead a week later. Heartbreaking. Avoidable.

I’ve gone back to keeping multiple masks in my car, and not going anywhere. Got my groceries delivered today. But back to reiki…I am afraid to bring people I don’t know into my home, and even those that I know and are vaccinated is iffy. So I’m just trying to plan classes for Reiki levels 1 and 2 to start whenever Covid gives us a break. Whoever would have believed that almost 18 months later this pandemic rages on.

I’m supposed to go to CT in September, 5 weeks. I am keeping an eye on the numbers and if they don’t get better, I may cancel. I want to go, haven’t seen my son since Feb 2020, or his girl, or daughter… and I miss them so much. I need the numbers to go down. I mean, we had 50,000 cases yesterday, and CT had 540. Not sure who will want me to stay with them, coming from the worst spot on earth. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. And pray, imploring the Universe to turn the tides for us.

Speaking of tides, we had such a terrible red tide this year. Beaches full of smelly dead fish, and the air of the tide causing respiratory issues with many people. Last year I didn’t go to the beach at all, because I couldn’t walk. This year I didn’t go because of the red tide. And the red tide was avoidable this year, because it was caused mostly from the release of millions of gallons of polluted water from a now defunct, closed phosphate plant. The storage method of all this polluted water failed, and dumped into Tampa Bay. Some people who know about this stuff are saying that Tampa Bay may become a dead zone. Heartbreaking. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world…..

So now you know what’s been on my mind on this quiet Saturday. Wonderful things, and some terrible things, some things that are a work in progress. Life, in all it’s Just many facets. I am very grateful my life and the people in it this evening.

Love and light to all.

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