Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

The other day there was a meme on FB saying, “You‘ve been kidnapped, and will be rescued by characters from the last thing you watched on TV. Who is going to rescue you?” My answer was Emery Smith and David Wilcock from the Gaia series Cosmic Disclosure.

I’ve been immersed in this world since I saw Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (on Amazon Prime) about 2 weeks ago. Then I watched Unacknowledged and Sirius, both on Gaia. It’s not radical information, or shouldn’t be. Or, maybe the definition of radical needs to be revisited. Because…the ideas presented by Dr. Steven Greer are, by current standards, radical. But also amazing. Beautiful. Loving, compassionate.

I haven’t sorted it out yet. Talking about it, without you, the reader, having seen any of these movies, or read any of the info, could make me look a little kooky. I assure you I’m not.

The gist of these films is that we on Earth have been visited by extra-terrestrials for 1000’s of years. Dr. Greer has created a set of protocols that anyone can follow, and invite and attract ET visitors to interact with us. He founded CSETI in the early 90’s, the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Then, with so much resistance from the military-industrial complex, he founded CE-5 Initiative among regular citizens of the world. CE5 is short for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. This is a new category for human-initiated contact. (You can look up CE1-4 on the internet.) Anyone can form a CE5 group, and thousands of people have. I am trying to put one together here.

The thing that really blew my mind is that people who are in government, in the military, have known about this since at least 1947, and have kept it the most closely guarded secret ever. Dr. Greer has advised every president since Bill Clinton about the ET phenomenon. He has document after document showing definitive proof that they have known, and have kept it secret. It seems that Area 51 in Nevada is a real thing, confirmed not by my wee little brain, but by the military. That’s just the beginning.

No one involved in the CE5 Initiative has had an experience that is frightful. There is no ill intent on the part of these beings. They communicate through telepathy, and everyone who has been lucky enough to have a close encounter has said they only felt unbelievable unconditional love from them. Their objective is to help us, to assist us in raising our collective consciousness. They are afraid we are going to destroy ourselves and our planet. They would also like us to be able to join the other interplanetary civilizations. Consciousness-raising is key. It’s a pre-requisite for Earth to partake in this greater one consciousness.

The thing that really is upsetting about the cover-up of this is that they have given us the technology to FIX climate change. To CURE diseases. Think about that for a second, follow the money. Because the money is why it’s been kept from us. These ET’s are, from all accounts, about a billion years ahead of us in evolution. This is how they can travel across millions of light-years. And communicate with us.

But honestly, the whole thing sounds like someone’s fantastic story. We don’t want to believe that there are people so intent on power and greed that they would allow our planet to go dark. And I’m not going to try to convince you to do anything except to check it out. There is so much information out about this, because almost every country, including the US has declassified all the documentation. However, our government is trying to spin it as something to fear. (I think Trump’s Space Force idea came from his briefing on the ET’s., but that’s just my intuition. I have no idea, really. Google Dr. Steven Greer, Emery Smith, David Wilcock, David Adair. Astronauts Ed Mitchell and Gordon Cooper are involved in this. And a myriad of other people. The more people who are unafraid, and try to make contact with the ET’s the better off we will be. If the governments and the military and the 1% don’t want us to be doing this, we will do it ourselves. And that’s what is happening. All over the world.

3 responses to “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

  1. Interesting to say the least. Your statement that “no one involved in the CE5 Initiative has had an experience that is frightful” and that they only want to help us are reassuring. My fear would be what the fearful/aggressive people would do, but I guess the ETs can protect themselves. I have always loved positive science fiction like Star Trek, ET, and Contact. I rememeber in ET when the aliens ignored the government people trained to go with them and took the hand of the guy played by Richard Dreyfus who had answered their call. This gives me one more reason not to reinforce the fear based stories. Maybe the enlightened people will rise above the government in a peaceful way.

    • One of the main reasons Dr. Greer started the CE5 initiative, as well as founded CSETI (Center for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) was because he wanted to encourage people world wide to begin their own communication with ET’s, their own relationships and just work around all the government secrecy. I love those same kind of movies, although I’m not a huge Sci-do fan. But Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the 3rd kind is one of my favorite movies. I love these movies that don’t instill fear, but instead give me hope. The CE5 initiative gives me hope that we might have a chance to save this earth for our children snd their children. Hope you get a chance to see the movie, it’s definitely food for thought.

      • Thanks for reminding me that scene was from from Close Encournters, not ET! Great movie! Let me know if you get to communicate with any aliens. I’m a bit hesitant to initiate anything.

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