My Own Close Encounter

This post is a follow-up to my last post about the CE5 Initiative.

There are 3 elements to making contact.

1. A connection to the One Mind Consciousness of the Universe

2. A sincere heart

3. A clear intention to make contact for the purpose of peaceful interaction with these beings.

Also, helpful elements include

  • Good good vibrations. The ET’s vibrate at a much higher rate than us so exist outside our natural range of perception. If we can increase our frequency in an attempt to match theirs, then we have a better chance of making contact.
  • Group Coherence and Cohesion. Coherence involves shared and common values, intents and goals. Cohesion has to do with how well we (our CE5 group) function as a unit.
  • Belief. Believing what you see, not questioning yourself out of believing. And talk to the rest of the group about anything you think you saw, because someone else may have seen it too.

And here is where I will jump back in. A friend and I went to an area which some call the Vortex in my small town. It’s a spot on the water, along a walking path. First, we played a recording that was made in the middle of a crop circle. The tones are apparently attractive to the ET’s. There are others on the CE5 app as well, but I kind of stuck to those. Then I played the meditation which is in the protocol (or you can do your own). We followed that with our best effort to follow the Coherent Thought Sequencing which is also one of the protocols. This is how they are vectored into our precise location from wherever in the universe they are. And in between, we repeatedly invited them using only our thoughts. My friend left after a couple hours, around 9 PM. But I chose to stay. I continued to try to vector them in, as well as watch the sky, and play the tones as directed, and meditate. There was a star in the western sky, quite faint and so, I assumed, far away. It was stationary. I kept going back to this star which would come and go in my vision, I assumed because it was quite hazy out as it usually is in FL in the evening in summer. I didn’t really have any expectations, and sincerely just thought it was a star. In the meantime, I watched a couple of planes flying over, red lights flashing because they were headed east. Another just had white lights but was obviously a plane, a smaller one. I could hear them both.

I went back to the faint star again, as I’d been doing for about a half-hour, and it had remained stationary all that time. Then quite suddenly it began to silently move, toward the east mostly, but not as if it was following a course. It was overall traveling east, but kind of up and down. Then it flashed. The CE5 crowd calls it a flashbulb. It’s a flash, not a rhythmic on and off, just a singular flash, like a flashbulb. This happened 3 times, that it flashed. And then… vanished. All this happened in a span of maybe 15 or 20 seconds.

It is common for an ET vehicle to be stationary, and to then move without sound. The flash is very common and is why I began to think it was actually contact. They often flash like that to communicate with those watching them, kind of like confirmation that yes, they know we’re here and appreciate the invitation. And they often vanish like that. It’s commonly believed they are trans-dimensional and so can just bow out when they need to.

I waited there another 15 or 20 minutes. Then since it was really about my bedtime, lol, I decided to go. I kept thinking about this phenomenon over and over. Not believing it was real, but then it was actually the same as so many other eyewitness accounts of contact. I actually think that I was being drawn back to that spot in the sky by them, they wanted me to see them move, and flash. I was just looking for my phone, for the camera, when it vanished. I was quite calm, relaxed, and pretty thoughtful as I walked back to my car. The more I thought about it, I began to believe that what I’d seen was simple contact. Why deny that what I hoped would happen, did? I’d followed the protocols for a couple of days prior, practicing the coherent thought sequencing and listening to the meditations. I’d believed that they might answer, why not believe that they did?

I read the next morning that a bunch of people in Ohio, in different towns, had made contact and they had a lot of videos. Now I’m a long way from Ohio, but still, contact happens all over the planet on a daily basis. Perhaps they were there as a response to my invitation, and maybe not.

I’m thinking of going back out this evening, to a place that might be a bit darker (there were a lot of lights at our location the other night, to light the walking path.) I really would like to go down to one of the barrier beaches, St. Pete beaches, where it’s very dark, and the sky is vast. But I’ll have to see how the sky is tonight before I decided. There is often lots of cloud cover in the summer over the water.

If you want to see the videos, they are on the FB page for CE5 Initiative: Make contact with ET’s Using Dr. Steven Greer’s Protocols, or on the CE5 Global page.

I’m just following it all to see where it leads. So far so good. I love that the elements for making contact are spiritual in nature. So much about the one cosmic consciousness, and how we are all one thing, about love, and about joining with a peaceful heart and intent.

Love and light to all.

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