Dreaming The Night Away, Except When I’m Not

Dreams are normally not my strong suit. I rarely remember them. But when I do, I often have to look them up on Dreammoods.com to figure them out. It’s been a little weird for me since I had that possible sighting I wrote about in the last post. So here goes.

First dream, on that night. I got home around 10. I put my nightgown on, got the house all set for the evening. I called Dan to tell him of my exciting evening, of meditation, etc, to attract the ET’s. I thought I might have some trouble getting to sleep that night, but truth be told, I was quite tired, and quite relaxed. I turned the light off at about 10:30 and was asleep in about 5 minutes. At about 12:30 I woke with a start. I don’t remember the dream I’d been having, but when I woke I thought my son in particular, and also my sister, were supposed to be in my house, sleeping. I got out of bed, completely lucid, and walked around the house looking for them, especially for my son. I said, a couple of times, while walking around, “Where’s my kid?” Out loud. I walked to the guest room door, looked in and saw no one in there. As I turned around, I stopped myself. I said, again out loud, “Bruce is in Colorado. Your sister is in Virginia. No one is supposed to be here. Go back to bed.”

I took my own advice, and went back to bed and right back to sleep.

It wasn’t like sleepwalking, because I was awake. I remember every minute of it. But obviously I was deep into a dream state. I’ve never done that before, ever. Never walked around the house in that space between dreams and wakefulness. Thought about it a lot when I woke in the morning. Still thinking about it.

2nd dream some days later. Again, I don’t remember any specifics of the dream, but I do remember knowing that I was dreaming. I guess that’s a lucid dream. I remember saying to myself at least 3 times, “You’re just dreaming, but just keep dreaming and see where it goes.” So that was strange, for me. I do kind of wish I remembered the dream.

3rd was last night. I went to Dan’s yesterday so I could watch the football game. Tom Brady and the Bucs against Kansas City. It’s a lot of fun to live where all the local sports teams are Champions. But I digress. I went to bed about 10:30. At about 1:30 I was awakened by someone saying my name loudly. Since I’d been sound asleep, I assumed it was Dan, who usually comes to bed around then. Except that he wasn’t there. He was still in the living room and watching TV.

This was something that’s happened before. I’ve been awakened by a phone ringing, waking me out of a sound sleep, but no one had called. Once my smoke alarm in my bedroom went off with a smoke alarm’s terrifying warning in the middle of the night. It stopped as soon as I opened my eyes and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the kitchen, fairly early like around 7:30, and the smoke alarm in there went off. Twice. That horrible alarm sounded twice and then stopped. And not again, since.

I don’t know what has brought this stuff to the forefront of my sleeping mind. Most nights I go to sleep pretty easily, and go back to sleep pretty easily if I am awakened. After each of these occasions I did go back to sleep quickly and easily, but it surprised me when I woke in the morning, and remembered being awakened from a sound sleep so rudely followed by immediately nodding back off.

I guess I am done with my musing about the weird happenings while I sleep. Hopefully they will give me a break for awhile, and just let me sleep.

Love and light to all.

5 responses to “Dreaming The Night Away, Except When I’m Not

  1. This reminded me of my dream the other night! I had to fix a leaking tap, and it was so real, I thought why am I dreaming this? Then I thought it was so real I just had to fix it, but I kept thinking why am I dreaming this?? LOL, very peculiar! 😀

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