I am so happy tonight. I feel like all is right with my world, for the first time in a very, very long time. So I thought I’d make a list.

  • It has finally FINALLY stopped raining every day in Florida. In a matter of a week, it has turned dry, meaning humidity below 50%. Today it was 45% and it was only 73° when I got up. So that means that soon, I’ll be able to leave the windows open at night. I am so excited.
  • I rode the stationary at the gym bike for about 4 ½ miles, and got my time down to under 7 min. per mile. My left leg is getting stronger by the day. I have been walking a lot. Usually somewhere between a mile and a half and two miles per day, though I don’t walk the days I ride the bike. The walking is helping, and I really enjoy it. My only company is egrets and ibis, and a few other Florida water birds. It’s so peaceful. Bright blue sky, lots of green, and lovely birds. Making progress steadily to getting back to normal.
  • Last week Dan and I went to a couple of used boat dealers to see if one would agree to sell our boat. The reception was cool, no one is excited about it. Too many boats for sale, too few people who want them. But there was one guy who claimed he really didn’t have room for our boat, but asked us to send him some pictures of the boat. I did that this morning, expecting nothing back based on the conversation we had last week. But then, he called Dan up as soon as he saw the pics, and I guess he was impressed with the condition of the boat. He asked if we could get it up to him, and he’d put it in the yard and try to sell it. So that was very hopeful. Much better than the reception we got last week. Now we are trying to figure out the logistics. The trailer is really on it’s last legs and the boat is not on the trailer correctly. So while we can get it down to the marina and reset it on the trailer, we will need someone to get it up to the yard. Right now, I’m just happy that we have a lead to a yard that might want it. Progress.
  • In preparation for getting the boat out of my yard, I got up in the boat this afternoon and got everything out of the cabin and put it in the cockpit. I’d already done much of this, but had sheets, and dishes and stuff. Tomorrow I go back with a bag and pack it up and get it off the boat. I hope to get an earlier start, because it was so hot inside the boat I just couldn’t stay as long as I needed to. Even though it’s drier, it is still hot in the afternoon. But I’m happy to be making progress even if it’s just packing stuff up. Once I pack it up, I’ll have a lot of cleaning to do. One thing at a time.
  • I got to sit on the deck and read for an hour or so today. My deck is mostly in the shade, and when the humidity is down, it’s very comfortable to sit out there. I saw a cardinal, and said hi to all the loved ones who have passed. And I was seeing huge butterflies. Some yellow, some orange like monarchs. Lots of squirrels, mockingbirds. Not much human noise out today. It was lovely.
  • My granddaughter called me to thank me for the bracelet I sent her with a charm that says “Big Sister.” It was the longest conversation I’ve had with her. She told me about school, about their kickball game, and about how she has friends close by. And she was just such a happy girl, she’s so sweet, so pretty, and thoughtful. A very special girl. I feel so blessed.
  • My son has been applying for new jobs. He’s very unhappy where he is, and he’s not been there too long. He manages a clothing store at the mall, and the store has been struggling since COVID. So this week after maybe 100 applications he has some really good prospects, all with significant raises. They have all pulled his resume off of LinkedIn, I think. But they contacted him, and set up the interviews, and it’s all really solidly in his wheelhouse. I sent reiki to both interviews he had today, and they both went really well. So….I’ll keep doing that. Whether or not it helps is obviously unprovable, but it cannot hurt. As my granddaughter said, “keep sending those good vibes gramma.”
  • And I’ve lost a very little bit of weight this week, and I’m really happy about that. It’s not a lot, but it’s consistently in the right direction.

So, I’m happy tonight. Positive, forward movement. Progress. As one of my favorite people says, “Onward.” Thank you Liz Gilbert.

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