A Clear View Out My Window, and Getting Ready To Go to Colorado

We sold our boat a few weeks ago. I’m almost gleeful about it, because it’s been parked in my front yard for 2+ years as we spent a lot of time wondering if we’d ever be able to use it again. The decision to sell it came about from the realization that I won’t be able to maybe ever step onto it from the dock. My hip/leg/back issue needs a stable platform to stand on. Getting onto the boat when it’s 2 ft. below the finger dock and the wind is blowing is just out of the question. So the boat was sold to the first response to the ad, a guy who brought a mechanic with him to look at it, and who confirmed to the buy that it was a really good deal.

One of the best things about selling it is that I can see out my front windows again. No boat blocking my view of what’s going on in the neighborhood. I still have not stopped expecting to see it when I look out there. Even gone so far as to walk over to the window just to confirm that it’s gone.

I’m going over to my sisters on the island this weekend. I have not seen her in so long, nor have I been over there, for almost 2 years, because of Covid and my leg/hip thing, and then, she goes back to VA for the summer. But now that she’s back here we want to get together before I head to my son’s for the birth of my grandson. And I told her I want to say goodbye to the island, because they are selling their house there and moving slightly inland. We’ll be closer to each other with the move, but her house on the island is just so full of good memories for me. When I worked, I lived all year for my week at her house in March. 3 blocks from a never-crowded beach, 500’ from the town dock. She had great friends for most of the time she lived there, it was a real small old Florida kind of place. Her new house will be lovely, and she and her hubby won’t have the fear of hurricanes they did being 6’ above sea level. It’s the end of a chapter in my life though, for sure.

I made my flight plan for Colorado. I’m going 1-11-22. Such a cool date, lol. All 1’s and 2’s. Baby is due 1/27/22, and this way I’ll be there if he’s early, and have a little time to get settled into a routine with the family, learn the way to Ellena’s school, the grocery store and stuff. I’ll be gone awhile, probably towards the end of February. Dan will check on my house, and I’m sure my two good friends down the street will keep an eye on it. I’m so excited, I have not seen my son in almost 2 years, and that’s due to Covid. Now we are all vaccinated, even 9 yr old Elena, and feel safe enough to travel. Way too long a period of time not to see your kid. Dez, his girlfriend, is about 8 months and is big as a house. At least according to her. She’s 5’2” and about 100 lbs soaking wet, but she’s so small that she looks huge! The pregnancy has brought she and I closer, and I love that. I’m going to enjoy actually living at their house, being part of their daily lives. They’ve always been such quick visits, a week. 4-6 weeks will be wonderful, even though I’ll miss Dan.

It’s been a beautiful fall here, with days in the 70’s, nights in the 50’s, sometimes low 60’s. Doesn’t rain much, which is probably not a good thing, but in the moment it seems so nice to have bright sunlight every day. I got my cataracts done, and will hopefully have a new pair of glasses sometime this week. And boy is the world a more beautiful place without them.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying this holiday season. Love and light to all.

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