New Glasses, New Book for Book Club, and a Little Supernatural Thrown in For Good Measure.

I had a book club meeting today. We were supposed to be reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, but only some of us had started it. There’s been a lot of chaos among the members of the group in the last month, some of us had read the book already, some not, but today, instead of discussing it (although we did do that on the edges of our conversation) we just caught up with each other. One member has had to take custody of her grandchildren ages 2 and 4, while her daughter tries to figure her life out. Another one, who survived breast cancer, had her implants removed, because they were making her sick. She didn’t make the meeting, her surgery was only about a week ago.

So we decided on reading the new Brene Brown book, Atlas of the Heart. When I got home, I ordered it for my kindle and have only read not even the whole introduction but it seems to be vintage Brene, and I know I will love the book.

I got my new glasses today, and it’s SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME to be able to see clearly again. To read street signs and see the leaves in the trees. I’m most excited to be able to read the print on the TV without having to walk up to it to read it! I honestly forgot what it was like to see clearly, not to see everything as a smudge of color or something. I almost cried when I walked out into the daylight and could see EVERYTHING.

Getting old can suck. You know, really. I never considered the idea I might not be able to see well when I turned 70! Of course, not being able to walk was a bigger deal and really dwarfed my inability to see well as a problem. But at least I won’t be driving off the road again because I can’t see the side of the road (which I did at Dan’s house after the Super Bowl.)

I have a friend here who makes these adorable gnomes, by hand, and is selling them all over the place, in NY, PA, FL, and many others. She has a website, check it out! They are so adorable!

Last but not least I have some weird stuff happening. About a month ago, a friend was here, at my house. We were just talking, sitting on the couch and there was a really loud banging on my door. Obviously someone knocking, 4 times, loud. I got up within a couple seconds to answer it and there was no one there. No car parked in front of the house, no one walking down the street. No deliveries left by the door. I have a welcome sign hanging on my door, but it only bangs when it’s windy which it wasn’t. We kind of blew it off, and kept visiting. Today, it happened again. 2 knocks, not 4, but I got right up and went to the door, thinking it was an Amazon delivery. But nothing, again. No car in the street, in fact no cars at all in the street. No one walking. No one outside my house in the back, side or front. Nothing. Altogether weird, I know it was not my welcome sign because I’ve heard that too many times and in fact, take it down on a windy day. But the wind today was 0. So twice now, I’ve had phantom knocking at my door. I keep thinking I want a video, like Ring or something, to take a video when it happens so I can see what it is. So very strange.

So big excitement. Book club and new book, new glasses, phantoms…and going to see family this weekend too! I guess I need the supernatural in my life too?? So strange, but I’m so happy I can see that I’m not going to worry too much about it. Til it happens again.

Life is good. Love and light to all.

9 responses to “New Glasses, New Book for Book Club, and a Little Supernatural Thrown in For Good Measure.

  1. I’m happy you’re able to see clearly now again. I know all too well what it’s like to not be able to see as well as one would like or should. I really hope it’s nothing serious with the banging/knocking on your door. Please be safe.

  2. I’m so glad you can see clearly now! Brene Brown will likely be more helpful and meaningful than A New Earth. (Eckhart Tolle’s work is useful, but I still haven’t gotten over him saying in one of his books that animals don’t have souls.) I wonder if any of your neighbors have had similar knocks on their doors.

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