I’ve not been writing much this week.  I’ve been working late every single night, come home exhausted. I need to get caught up from vacation before I disappear again next week from the surgery.  That will only be a few days, but I need to at least have my head above water before that happens.

I took my son out for dinner tonight.  No biggie, just went for Viet Namese food, he loves Pho.  He started his new job today, and I worked so much this week I didn’t feel a bit like cooking.  I was thinking how when I move to Florida and he moves to CO, how I will miss going out with him spur of the moment like that.  Catching up over a bowl of Pho, and a glass of wine.

When I think of how he’s grown, how he’s matured from the frightened 16 yr old who literally went to school from his father’s house and came home to mine 7 years ago with the clothes on his back.  I had to take him shopping for a few shirts and jeans to wear to school.  He was so confused, so unsure of himself.  That fire just burned in him to be free.  We had so much work to do, and he just wanted to walk away from it all…as would most kids, and not deal with it. But he got a good therapist, and I made him talk to me. We had some tough days, he and I, but I couldn’t be more proud of the young man he’s become.  I will  miss him when I move.  But I’m also happy he’s ready to fly on his own and make his own life.

Busy weekend.  Getting new carpet tomorrow for my family room.  Which meant that when we got home tonight we had to disconnect and move the TV since the carpet people will move furniture out of the room but not electronics.  I’ll get the rest of the small stuff out before they come tomorrow.  I’m very excited though, haven’t done anything major in a few years, so it will  be nice.

My best friend’s daughter is going to college this weekend, and my friend is having such a hard time letting  go.  Not that she is a helicopter mom, just that they are best friends, it’s her youngest. Her husband (who fixed my AC this week) made me and a couple other of her best friends promise to keep her busy so she wouldn’t have too much time to think about it.  So we’re going to a farmer’s market on Nathan Hale’s homestead on Sunday (if it doesn’t rain).  It’s a huge fair maybe 100 vendors.  It will be fun.

Then I have to clean the house for book club on Tuesday, make some food for it, and also make sure I have food that I can eat next weekend after surgery.  Food I can deal with cooking and eating with one hand.  That should be interesting.  Maybe I’ll just lose some weight, lol.

Life overall had been good lately.  No issues, no problems.  Too much work, but that’s why I’m planning my retirement.  Not enough summer, but there never is, lol.  Just feeling, you know, content.  It’s a lovely place to be.

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