It Will Beat Again

If I met you today

I would love you all over again.

I would set myself up for the heartbreak

all over again.

I would see you

And feel you

I would lavish your body with love

All over again.

But I know you already.

I see you.

You have reached into my heart.

I know your fingers

I know your breath.

You pull out my heart and squeeze it

Between your fingers

Until it stops beating.

Someone else will come along

And breathe life back into it

While you still hold it in your hand,

my life blood on your hands.

Someone else will come along,

Gently take my still heart from you.

Nourish and nurture it

Until it forgets the feel of your fingers,

The smell of your breath,

The cold gleam in your eyes

As you watched me struggle.

It will beat again.

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