Daybreak on the water

So still in the cool morning air

Graceful silhouettes reflecting the peacefulness.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture taken by myself.


The Weight of Shame


Shoulders slumped
Under the weight
Of guilt

Hurting him was not
In the plan
There was no plan

Just words
Spoken in anger
Where was the love?

Shoulders slumping more
The weight sending
Her head into her hands

Shame is heavy
Weighing her down
Who is she, now?


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Reach 10 via Google Images

Dawn Breaks

In the early morning darkness
The first rays of sunlight
Transform the world
From the shadowy closeness of darkness
To the promise of another shimmering day

I sit in quiet here
In the kitchen
The songs of the birds the only sound
Watching puffy clouds
Begin to take shape
In the cool early dusk.

You are sleeping, still.
Since sleep doesn’t come easily to you
I am thankful that I didn’t wake you.
I ventured into this morning alone
But never lonely.

I sip my coffee
Dunking my biscotti
Watching the sky go from indigo|
to powder blue
And then in a heartbeat
The puffy clouds glow pink
As the sun rises.

The glow changes to rose-gold to white
And I am humbled
To be the witness to such handiwork
The universe paints the sky
In magnificent hues for a few minutes
As we continue our journeys
To places yet unknown.

When you awaken
I will share this morning with you
Just as we share most everything
Maybe this evening we will watch
As the sun sets on a picture perfect day
Loving and knowing
How many blessings are ours.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Pictures taken by me, this morning.

Rejoice (A Poem)

Woman sitting at tropical beach

Loose-limbed I sit
Cool spring air gently blows the hair on my neck
My face lifted toward the sun
I rejoice

Tomatoes growing on the vine
Basil scenting the air
Hibiscus exploding in color
I rejoice

Azure sky from horizon to horizon
Water, blue and turquoise, gently rolling toward the beach
Shafts of sunlight going to the deep
I rejoice

White ibis and egret at waters edge
A blue heron standing on the seawall
Green parrots in the palm trees
I rejoice

Life is for living
Staying with each precious moment
Connectedness with all living things
Rejoice, rejoice.

Poem Reblog: Digging in the Dark


diggin in the dark

Digging in the dark
Looking for something I lost
In the dusk
Of a hazy evening,
Or maybe it was the dawn.

I can’t remember when.
I’m not sure where.
It’s buried though.
Deep, I fear.

I haven’t missed it
Then the day will go down.
It will roll up backwards
Hang me upside down
And I’ll be looking in the dark.

The size, the shape, the color
Escape me now.
I only remember the feel
In the dark.

The gentleness, the wholeness.
The way I knew who I was….
When I had my heart.

So, I dig, in the dark.
The hours between dusk and dawn.
When feeling is easiest
because blindness is natural then.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images


Note:  I first posted this poem in May of 2016.  I just decided to repost it, because it was one of my old favorites.