The Possibilities

The fragrance filled the room
Flowers, slightly past their prime,
Sweetly mixed with the scent of passion
Scents stirred by the barely perceptible ceiling fan.

Some joy filled the air,
Some peace and contentment.
Dreaming for a moment,
Though it was real.

Waiting for the instant
When reality and dreams coalesced.
In a twinkling we knew
It was only the beginning.

Knowing it’s possible
Is one thing.
Living the possibility
Is quite another, altogether.

After the Storm

In the stillness following the storm
Feel the current
Still running through you
Low steady hum of your life.
Buzzing your feet,
your head
your heart.

A low hum runs through you
Things you shouldn’t remember
And things you should forget.
Things that brought you
Here, to this point.

In the clear light of day there is distance
There are new wonderful things
To drown the hum.
Seeking to let go
You shut the light off.
And go to sleep.

Begin the Journey


Embark the gossmer silver spacecraft
Begin the journey
Through the stars and constellations
Through creation’s ancient stardust
To the Universe within.

Somewhere among the
Vast celestial bodies
The soul will find the answers
If we but read the signs
And learn the lessons.

We are not in the universe.
The universe is within us.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from TNC Network, via Google Images

A Meadow Full of Hope

meadow of flowers

Silence reaches out
Beckoning peace
Tender tendrils of the space
Between words
Allowing breath
To rise and fall to the rhythm of the universe.

It comes not easily
Waiting for the stillness
That evades the mind.

The mind filled with thoughts
Of yesterday’s pain
And today’s challenges.
Let the thoughts float by
Only watching them,
Not reaching for them.

Hope will settle in
A meadow filled with budded flowers
Creating extraordinary beauty
Where there was nothing.

Peace will follow hope
In the stillness between thoughts
Between breaths.
Let it be.
Let it be.

I’ve been working at this, for the last few days.  Letting go of the things that I cannot change about the last couple weeks.  Being hopeful about the new things that I find in my path.  I find myself in the meadow of flower buds, full of possibility of real beauty.  Namaste.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Shutterstock via Google Images



Blindsided right between the eyes.
An uppercut to the heart,
A blow to the solar plexus.

I did not see that coming.
The wounds still smart
The purple bruises lay under the skin

I did not see it coming
Nor even sense it was there.
My own blind stupidity.

I think I’ve already fought this fight
100 times or so
It’s boring, goes nowhere.

Build it up and break it down
Find fault point fingers
Never make anything worth holding on to.

I need a new partner
I need to create something new.
Sick of fighting a battle that has no end;



Nothing to say
No bridge to cross
No road to take
No stone to toss.

There was a chance
In a fleeting moment
It’s come and gone
No longer potent

A dream was dreamed
For a little while
There was pleasure
There was a smile.

Then it suddenly
Occurred to me
What I thought was two
Might have been three

Or four or more
It’s a possibility.
It tore right though me
A dark malignancy.

Detaching now
Regain my balance
With feet on the ground
I’ll meet the challenge.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

Finding Simplicity

sunset 2

The sky blazed that evening
Before the darkness came
It was wild
With songs from long ago
Fortelling the future.

Oh how I reached for something
To hold it there
To keep the fuschia clouds
At my fingertips,
To keep the shining sun
At the perfect mark on the horizon

I could hold onto nothing.
Darkness came unbidden
Teeny pinpricks of starlight
Quivered my skin
The inky enigmatic air
Soothed and horrified me.

I fled like the wind that blew
To the comfort of what was known
What could be seen
To the simple and the beautiful
Knowledge that
I am.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture taken by me January 14, 2017  Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida