I quit

My heart aches

In places I didn’t know still existed.

Soothing words and touch,

borne of love that wraps around me,

take the edges off.



I have to go back,

One final time.

To clean up a mess

Not of my own making.



He used to say

“I quit. I just quit.”

And he did, a little more every day.



This will be the last time

I will fix the mess he makes.

The last time I will clean broken dishes off the floor

And the food he threw off the counters

And trash off the table.



Finally, I will be able to quit.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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Searching The Ruins

Searching the ruins

Sadness follows him

Through empty rooms,

Remnants of a life that could have been.


The voices in the walls

Cry out with the truth that crawls inside them

Slimy tendrils that reach out

To wrap around his heart.


They are invisible,

But noisy.

He denies them

But they speak anyway.


Of pain, of hurt, of demands

Yet he goes

Looking for solace

In the place where he gave none.


The hole in the roof

Lets the light in,

And the rain.

Creatures of the night

Roam unimpeded.


Yet by day,

He searches.

The life he wanted,

Echoing through the empty rooms.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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The Battle

Thunder and lightning

Thunder echoes across the bay

As the night cools,

And the steam from the land

Rises into colums

Reaching into a clear blue sky

Completely blotting the sun.


Darkness descends on the land

The light fights for it’s place

The darkness cracks

The light glows through

The darkness shudders with all its might

Trying to scare the light away.


The light won

Glowing the cracks in the dark clouds with its radiance.

Lighting up the land

Until the battle was won and

The light returned

Having chased the darkness away.


Even at night

The moon and stars can glow again

Once the darkness has been erased from the sky.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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Cooling Off?


The suffocating heat

Of the day

Baked us as we watched

the gentle waves.

Your hand touched mine

As we leaned back

To face the sun.


A balmy breeze

Blew in from the sea

Carrying sultry dreams on it’s breath

Our eyes met with sweet desire

As we gathered our things

It’s cooler inside.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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To Know or Not To Know


I didn’t know

What I didn’t want.

I guess that means

I didn’t know what I wanted


I mean,

There was an eclair

Sitting on the plate.

I said,

“I only want half of a half. “


When I was done

With that half of a half,

(Or, the quarter eclair),

It was suggested

That the other half be cut in half.

And that I eat

Another half of a half.

I did.

So…I didn’t know

What I didn’t want.


I also didn’t know

What I did want


Now I know that

What I wanted was a whole half.

And what I didn’t want

was to leave the rest of it sitting on the plate.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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Window Gazing

window gazing

I’ve been looking out the window

The day was warm,

And clear

And steamy.

A sea breeze swayed the palms.

Beyond the window lay the sea

The sand white and soft

The water turquoise and gentle

The breeze blew across it

And gathered it’s sweetness

Delivered then to the palms

And my life.

Today I only gazed out the window

Weary from a sleepless night

Content to be content

To add my whisper to the wind

Which blows from me to you.


By Deborah E. Dayen

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