Dreaming of Sleep


I dreamed that I slept

In the dark of night,

As the clocked ticked

And wakefulness plagued me.

Unconscious in

In my wakened state

With ocean waves crashing

I floated through the ethers.

I woke, and the dream ended

Was I ever asleep?

Have I really awakened?


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Creepypasta.wikia.com via Google Images


The Weight of the Night


The night weighs gently

Rounding my shoulders

As I struggle to find sleep

Things on my mind range

from the basal to the ethereal

Some of them have a great deal of weight

Some of the weight is not even mine.

So I think I’ll go back to bed

The big bed, with the fan turning imperceptibly

To keep this Florida room cool

I”ll wrap myself around a man who waits for me there.

I’ll hold him close to me and stay with him.

When he wakes he’ll take the weight from me

And both of us will sleep wrapped together


By Deborah E. Dayen


And so I go

wandering about the house

picking up my thoughts

from the chair,

from the couch

from the table.

Looking for understanding

Why do I walk at night

in the dark

in the silence?

The light of the salt lamp

Soothes my edgy mind.

How did I get here?

I can’t explain it

I was alone

For so long.

There is a man who walks with me

Asks, cares,

Finds a piece of me that I missed.

Hands it to me

In the pink light

And caresses my head.

Alone no more

I take it in.

Finding peace in this early morning hour.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Be My Friend

Transport me
To a place I’ve never been
Show me
Things I’ve never seen
Teach me
Things I’ve never learned.
Tell me
Things I’ve never heard.
Touch me
Where I’ve never been touched.

Move me
With your story
Fill me
with your joy
Lean into me
With your pain
Rest on my shoulder
When you are weary of the world.

Stay in this moment with me.
Don’t look behind.
Don’t look ahead.
Let happen, what will happen.
Be my love and my friend, I’ll be yours.


Note:  I found this poem in my drafts.  I wrote it back when I was looking for a man like the one I found.  I guess it’s part of manifesting what I wanted, because this describes him, and us,  perfectly.

By Deborah E. Dayen