Go With Love (A Poem)


Sometimes people are just difficult
Perhaps it’s a temporary life issue
Sometimes it’s a permanent way of being.

To criticize endlessly
to anger easily
To defend against a false but perceived attack

Isn’t it just as easy to be loving
And kind, and generous in thought?
Especially to someone you say you love?

No one is perfect
Not you, not me.
But love is.

So if it’s perfection you want
Go with love.
If it’s warmth and support you want
Go with love
If it’s a better world you seek
Go with love.

Always, go with love.
It will ease your fears
And take away your pain.

Go where the love is.
Go with love.
Just love, as a verb.
As a way of life.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Image from Google Images



Lessons from the Cold

It was cold tonight
The north wind blew
It’s icy breath down my neck
You walked in
Dressed for Boston winter in Florida
Long leather coat
Where were your boots?

The sight of you froze me
I zipped up my vest
And pulled it tight around me
Wondering why
The sight of you made me so cold.

There was a time
You’d have pulled me close
To warm me
I’d have believed it too
You performed like a champ for me
For awhile

Now I look to myself to warm up
I know there’s nothing
honest about your heat
It wasn’t real
You broke my heart
I’d rather be cold.

By Deborah E. Dayen



Vibrational Sound Healing (A Poem)



The bowls begin their circular journey
The gong rumbles low
A drum begins to play
The gong intensity deepens
The meditation has begun

The sounds become a journey
A walk through deep woods
Maybe traveling among the stars
Or floating on the high seas
Whales calling, waves crashing

Your mind will clear
You will follow your own unique path
Exulting in the beauty around you
Connections run deep
With the other sojourners nearby

The full moon rises
The gong crashes
The vibrations pushing you through to the next level
Fears and worries fade
Uncommon peace follows

The drum grounds you
With its steady vibration
The rainstick brings breathing space
Refreshing your soul
You relax into yourself.


The vibrations slowly subside
Breathing returns to your natural rhythm
The stars twinkle overhead
As you return from your unique journey
Perhaps forever changed.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture taken by me.

The Actor

I loved him when he acted.
He was so convincing.
He kept it up day and night
for a long time.

But I guess he got weary
Of playing the part
All day, all night
And so he gave up the character.

I wish I’d known that he was acting
Not letting me in
Not letting himself out
I’d have tried not to fall in love.

Now, I miss him, at times
The actor with his funny lines
His tender touch.
But it’s all gone.

Funny how he thought
If I knew him,
I might not love him so
I guess he was right

Because the person I see now
Contradicts the one I loved
And so slowly
My heart stops longing

I just didn’t know.
I know now.
I wish him a happy life
Though I know he’s never happy.

It’s just a shame.

Warding Off The Chill

I wrap my robe around me
Not the new soft warm blue one.
The old white one.
Though there is chill in the night air
I couldn’t put on
The warm blue one.

It almost hurts to look at it.
To feel in its soft fabric
The love I craved
But was denied.

Why could you give me that?
But not the words
To bring us closer?
The simple words
Were all I asked.

I know the winters chill
Would blow right through
The soft blue robe
There is an emptiness inside
That can’t be filled
Except in my dreams.

I don’t dream anymore.


By Deborah E. Dayen


The thunder echoed
Across the darkened sky
I wondered,
If you could hear it too.

Was the sky darkened for you
As it was for me?
Were the trees trembling
In the wind
As they were for me?

Did you feel the shift coming?
Did you welcome the change
In your soul of souls?
Or were you fearful
Of chasing away what you knew
To exchange it for something
You could not know,
But could not stop?

I hope you are safe
Enclosed in your solitary world
I hope you are happy
Without me,
Though secretly
I hope you shed a wistful tear
For what might have been

Before the thunder
Before the wind
Before the rain
Before the shift carried you
Away from me.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Gratitude Followed by Grace

The sunrise paints the sky
With brilliant tones of fuscia and gold
And I am reminded
That there is always a new day
After the darkness of night.
There is always joy to be found
On the other side of those dark nights of loneliness.

Gratitude is the path,
The key.
From gratitude comes grace
In grace we are given the ability
To love
To share
To touch our own holiness
To forgive
To live out a life blessed


By Deborah E. Dayen