Rejoice (A Poem)

Woman sitting at tropical beach

Loose-limbed I sit
Cool spring air gently blows the hair on my neck
My face lifted toward the sun
I rejoice

Tomatoes growing on the vine
Basil scenting the air
Hibiscus exploding in color
I rejoice

Azure sky from horizon to horizon
Water, blue and turquoise, gently rolling toward the beach
Shafts of sunlight going to the deep
I rejoice

White ibis and egret at waters edge
A blue heron standing on the seawall
Green parrots in the palm trees
I rejoice

Life is for living
Staying with each precious moment
Connectedness with all living things
Rejoice, rejoice.


Poem Reblog: Digging in the Dark


diggin in the dark

Digging in the dark
Looking for something I lost
In the dusk
Of a hazy evening,
Or maybe it was the dawn.

I can’t remember when.
I’m not sure where.
It’s buried though.
Deep, I fear.

I haven’t missed it
Then the day will go down.
It will roll up backwards
Hang me upside down
And I’ll be looking in the dark.

The size, the shape, the color
Escape me now.
I only remember the feel
In the dark.

The gentleness, the wholeness.
The way I knew who I was….
When I had my heart.

So, I dig, in the dark.
The hours between dusk and dawn.
When feeling is easiest
because blindness is natural then.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images


Note:  I first posted this poem in May of 2016.  I just decided to repost it, because it was one of my old favorites.  



The sadness found me
As I tried to walk away
It called my name out loudly
I tried hard to stay at bay

But it chased me down and caught me
It sat me in the chair
Sadness tried to make me understand
What I was doing there.

Though my head was aching
My heart ached even more
Broken pieces of you and I
Were laying on the floor.

Now my work was before me
The task at hand was clear
I had to put them back together
I admit I had some fear

Fear I couldn’t do it,
As I picked each piece in turn
I welded them with tears
Wondering if I’d ever learn

When I’d picked up all the pieces
Put them back the way they’d been
I wasn’t sure it looked the same
As it had before my sin

Some think that it might be better
Than what was there before
Like the art of kintsukuroi
Is the value even more?

Time will tell if holds together
I hope I didn’t break the mold
Sadness told me it’s all I can do
Tell me, Will tears mend as well as gold?


By Deborah E. Dayen


Hands that are warm
Hands that are strong
Hands that hold me
The whole night long.

Hands that touch sweetly
Hands that can feel
Hands that are searching
Hands that know what is real

Hands that lift up
Hands that gently let go
Hands that are tender
Mercifully so.

Hands that caress
Hands that hold tight
Hands always loving
In the pale moonlight

Hands of a woman
Hands of a man
We’ll hold them together
For as long as we can.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Safe Harbor

safe harbor

The windows were open
That cool breezy evening
The fresh air filled the room
Spreading the peace with it.

You touched my hand gently
your fingers crept up my arm
and then my neck
Touching me with the love
I’d hoped for all my life.

Leaning into each other
I could feel your breath in my hair
Your warmth countered the coolness of the breeze
I was safe, finally
Harbored in your arms
Nothing and no one could hurt me again.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images