First Light



Dawn’s first light
Quietly overcomes the dark night landscape
Trees become black silhouettes
Against a gray backdrop
As secrets are illuminated.

The banyan tree outside my window
Gradually shows itself in the growing light
The branches come into focus
Then the leaves.
The basket of succulent plants which hang from a branch
And the peace lily that sits on the ground at its base.

In these quiet moments
Before the world is awakened
My soul is filled with hope
With contentment.

It is timeless, this dawn
Every morning it comes.
And renews my spirit,
My prayer for this world.

Troubles cease to exist for those few moments
Between the darkness and the daylight
My breath is slow and deep
My eyes watch the transformation
Love and gratitude fill my heart



By Deborah E. Dayen

PIcture taken by myself.



6 responses to “First Light

  1. Thank you for this comforting poem and photo. As I get older, I realize that moments of peace, joy, and gratitude do come again with each new day. The earth hasn’t given up and continues to give us hope in her daily rotations.

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