Inconceivably, S called me at work. Twice. I let the first go to voice mail and he called back so I took it to keep him from continuing to call.

He wanted me to “help him out”. He is “fighting for his life”.  He apologizes to me for what he did to me. He knows he will pay 5 lifetimes for it. But I know he really has always loved BB.  She wants to know who I am.

I said “then give her my name and phone number I’ll  talk to her. ”

“You don’t have to break her heart.”


“Scott YOU broke her heart not me!!!!”

I had to hang up. I could not believe he had the balls to ask me not to tell her the truth.

I texted him and told him to go to her house after work because she would be getting a letter from me today.  I sent it yesterday with delivery confirmation. With my contact info, a link to my blog and full disclosure. I said let her see you sit through the difficult truth like s man. It may be a start for her toward forgiveness.

He said “she’ll never trust me again. I did this before with her former best friend. ”

Geezus.  And we should all believe that he loves her, right????

Then I said, “what’s the big deal. You’ve both been cheating on each other”.

He said, get this, “that’s another lie. She never cheated on me. She never got married. ”

Omg!!  What would be the purpose of that lie, when we first met. Even before we met????  I’m sure the kitchen was a lie too. Like I gave a flying fuck why he and his ex gf broke up. Ever. But especially in the beginning.

I said, I’m going to call her at her work and tell her about  the letter. And then I’m done.

Which I did. Poor woman. I introduced my self as Debbie, Scott’s other woman. And I apologized for the whole situation, and said had I known I would have been gone.” I told her Isent the letter, she would get it today. And I wanted to make sure she knew about it so Scott didn’t take it out of her mailbox.

Poor woman hung up.  I feel so bad for her.

I texted him the following text:

I’m out. Done. Deal with it yourself from here on out. I will talk to her but you are dead to me.

And that’s that. I will never speak to that man again. My head is spinning. It is inconceivable to me. Lies and lies and lies. More shit in my face. Later I will write a blog apologizing for all he nasty stuff I wrote about her.  He may come after me, fool that he is. As if his web of lies is my fault.
Done done done.  Gonna catch my breath and never look back.

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